“Your Mother was right”

By Mom–
You love a girl?
Is she beautiful?
Does she love reading?
Hopefully she knows how to cook
Tell me something about her..

By Best buddy–
Your mother will always
Come to me
When she knows about Aarushi
So let me meet the girl
And discuss your future first 😛

By Best Buddy–(After the meeting)
“Your mother was right”

*I am shocked*

You’ve got a Gem
Now don’t lose her
Don’t be a miser
Love her the best

How was my mother right?

Best Buddy–
Your girl and your mother
Had already met last Thursday
All thanks to me 😛

You SOB, thanks man!

Love you!
Love Aarushi more 😀

I don’t have photography genes 😛 Still notice the tattoo on my laptop 😀

P.S. : I am on fire today 😉 Today’s song is a special song which is sung by Mr. A-very-good-friend-of-mine and Mr. Me 😀 Yes, you read it right. Song is The Scientist of Coldplay 😛 Please adjust with the voice quality and rest 😀