Best in me..

Liking you was not a choice for me
Loving you was not a choice for me
You were never a choice for me
Seeing you the first time
You became my numero uno
Now I can’t have you
Now I can’t not have you
And I am stuck
With your friendly talks
With your teases
With your leg pulling
With your knowing unknown feelings
With your unknowing known feelings
I will try my best
To do the best for you
Because doing the best for you
Will bring out the best in me


P.S. : At the end of writing this poem,I remembered there is a song BEST IN ME (YouTube link) by Blue. One of my favorite songs also 🙂

Intervention !!


For so many years

I didn’t know

The existence of such

A beauty queen

Nor she knew

That I existed

Then fate intervened

We were introduced

And so began

A story

A story of knowing

A story of trust

A story of likeness

A story of love

Time went by

As in days &

Weeks & months

And things were

Adding up for both

She doubted whether

I was the One she needs

I knew for sure

She is the One I ever needed

And it was good

How we both spent

Time & moments together

Now she realized

I surely am the One

She needed

She loved me loads

And I loved her a lot

Or to say the truth

She loves me loads

And I love her a lot

But fate had some

Other vicious plans

And its intervention

Separated us

But not the love

We shared for each other

In our hearts

And I know that

We both curse

Fate & time

For bringing

The right person &

The best person

At wrong time

But are happy to

Have been an important

Part of each other’s life

Even for less time

But that time was AMAZING !!

Fate & Time

may control how we end up

But they can never control

The way I deeply feel

for you Gurl !!