Merry go round..

Loop of life
Circle of life
Goes round and round
Just like a merry go round
Doesn’t have a start point
Or an end point
It is there
Asking you to join in
When it’s the first time
If you accept, good
Or the second time
It pulls you into the
Vicious circle
Just like it has done
To others
And you’re in an
Unknown territory
But seeing so many people
Makes you feel comfortable
But at the back of your mind
You’re thinking all seem unsatisfied
All are looking for a loophole
But can’t seem to find any
I am also looking for the same
But we’re fools
Looking for such a loophole
Alone ain’t gonna help any
And we’ll reach our demises
If we search together
May be, MAY BE we’ll
Find something worth it
And if we don’t find also
We would be content
That we tried
In a different manner
And at some point
We had bright hopes
Of some discovery
Others just surrender
It lose hope
But hope is powerful
Than a nuclear weapon
We just gotta harness it’s power
And then we can see it’s miracles


P.S.: Merry go round by Kacey Musgraves 😉 We all will be a part of this Merry go round 😦 Is it really merry?? Happy weekend ❤