but, there’s always a BUT!!

Things going on smoothly,

you feeling uplifted,

thinking that there is STILL a hint of goodness,

in between these failures, betrayals, double crossings..

And then I let my guard off,

yes, at that exact moment, I got screwed.

Life is a bitch.

It doesn’t distinguish between rich, poor, male, female, child, honest, cripple, ANYONE,

It comes and destroys the perfect present,

destroys the ideal future,

destroys the mental peace,

sucks the confidence out of you,

steals that smile away from your face,

laughs at us, as if it’s invincible.

And yes, at that moment, it is INVINCIBLE.

but, there’s always a BUT,

and this but comes to our rescue,

gives us strength to rise,

gives us hope to walk,

gives us wings to fly,

gives us power to conquer,

not only this world but also our own self,

Our prime self.

We all get screwed but this BUT helps us do wonders and miracles,

Because one failure is not worth the end,

As there is no end to anything.

Ain’t got!!

Poor ain’t got money,

Rich ain’t got peace,

Terrorists ain’t got humanity,

Politicians ain’t got votes,

Teachers ain’t got time,

Students ain’t got opportunities,

Haters ain’t got love,

Lovers ain’t got faith,

Parents ain’t got responsibilities,

Kids ain’t got patience,

Managers ain’t got resources,

Resources ain’t got skills,

Comedians ain’t got fame,

Actors ain’t got privacy,

Laborers ain’t got future,

Lawyers ain’t got witnesses,

Detectives ain’t got proof,

Customers ain’t got bargain,

Producers ain’t got profit,

But, they all got one thing same,

All crave for some thing or the other in their own ways.

Poverty gnaws all.

P.S.: This was a topic asked by another close friend. Title was ‘Poverty’. Hope I did justice.


Different names,

Different voices,

Different heights,

Different smell,

Different ways,

Different lives,

Different interests,

Different smiles,

Different emotions,

Different perspectives,

Different reasons,

Different commitments,

Different goals,

Different souls,

Different thoughts,

Different destinations,

Different centuries,

Different societies,

Different civilizations,

Different gait,

Different styles,

Different personality,

Different DNA,

Different finger-prints,

Different you,

Different me,

But yet, we’re ALL THE SAME!!

Reminding myself!!

I am difficult to understand,

I am bitter to enemies,

I am better to friends.

I am always smiling around,

Even though I am angry inside.

I am confused,

And can ask you confusing things.

All I am sure of is,

I am living, not existing,

I am joyous, I am dancing,

I am reading, I am singing,

I am full of energy,

I am helping, I am a bit selfish,

I go an extra mile to make you happy.

And now, I am reminding myself of who I am.

Sometimes, nothing is also something!

Saw her first time,
Her cute little face,
Two ponies juggling,
I lost time & space.
Went & talked to her,
She was kind,
Listened to me like None,
I felt divine.
She grew up & so do I,
With age, our love also grew,
I knew her inside out and vice versa,
And then a twist came new.
She started neglecting me,
I started getting furious,
Seldomly did we talk,
Broken became, what was pure & pious.
My friends asked me about her,
I am sure her friends did the same,
All this happened,
For just a simple yet complicated game.
She didn’t wanted to hurt her parents,
Didn’t wanted to tell them about us,
She thought it better to forget me,
Forget all those years and not make fuss.
I complied, I cooperated,
I think I did what was needed,
Yet in the eyes of those who knew me,
It was all just for nothing!!

P.S.- This post is written on a special request by a close friend. Topic was “Nothing”. I hope I did justice 😀

Daily routine.

Midnight crossed,

cursor blinking,

tired body,

worn out soul,

drowsy eyes,

fingers curved,

energy nil,

jammed mind,

sleep calling,

dreams awaiting,

lighting lamp,

silent wind,

head on keyboard,

drooling face,

jumbled hairs,

hours passed,

startling jolt,

mumma waking,

office time,

already late,

daily routine,

sleep deprived,

dreams forgotten,

life forgotten,

machinic life.

Are you afraid of being lost??

This world is so big, vast, wide that small people like me, like you don’t matter much when seen from Arial view. We think that we are important and we surely are but will we always stay important to the cause of this earth? Will we be always remembered or will be lost? Will be extinct? Will be forgotten??

Its difficult to say this now. But we all are afraid that we may be lost and forgotten of our existence. And if that happens while we are alive & breathing, is a big blow. We all always want to remembered, want to be disturbed, want to be poked no matter we like it or not.

How do we achieve this feat of getting lost while being alive? It’s simple and easy. We don’t do anything for others and you are just “puff” & gone. Humanity is the thing which should always be within us to feel alive, special, peaceful. We don’t have to always think of what we will get if we do something or the other. If possible try to do things without thinking about what YOU will get and instead think what others will benefit from you.

Simple rule is don’t allow yourself to be lost and you will never be lost. And you will not be lost by doing the things that you love to do and want to share with this world. Just socializing is not the way of being present. You have to be present for others without thinking that will they do the same for you. Help others and you will surely be rewarded by mental peace, satisfaction, happiness to say the least. These things are far more important than any materialistic rewards.

One can be present also within the memories of a stranger. Because when this stranger after having a hell of a day sees you smile and exchange a nod while crossing the path, can make his day better and bring a smile to his face & life. This single simple moment will keep you alive forever in his memories. It will urge that stranger also to spread happiness and help being alive and never get lost in someone else’s memory.

One don’t need binoculars to found himself. Just a sacred consciousness to find himself. And in finding himself, he also finds those who matters to him and will help him being found & alive & happy.

Find yourself & others,

Being Happy is an option!

There are always 2 sides of a coin. Either you select heads or tails.
Similarly, each and every situation in life can have 2 sides. We can name these sides. Pull and Push.

Every second we live is an option.. And every second we choose..
To live or die..
To breathe this very second or not..
To wake up early in the morning or not..
To let the kids have icecream or not..
To go to a temple or not..
To make ourselves smile or not..

Yes, we decide at every second we live.. We may not realise it because we have gotten used to it that the option and the decision are taken as a reflex but they are still options.
They sometimes pull you back or push you ahead.

From these names itself you can know what these 2 sides do. Either they pull you back and try to halt your progress, or they push you through the darkened difficult path by providing lights on the way.

Its totally in the nature of an individual, how we perceive the situation and then decide whether we want to be pulled or pushed by it.
Now, choosing is difficult but all decisions comes with its baggage of NOT choosing the other side.
So make sure whatever side you choose, you stay happy with it. And,make up your mind that you could never had been more happy if ever you had choosen the other side.

Winning over our mind is the most difficult battle. Even difficult than being in the death bed or being in a free falling to-be-crashed aeroplane, because if we are able to make truce with our mind regarding the happiness and closure we have in the present, then that’s victory and death can’t snatch that feeling of peace from you.


Not every situations are same, so an individual have to analyze and decide whether he will be more HAPPY(comfortable and happy are NOT the same words), if he pull or push.
You can take suggestions of those who you think can guide you, but take decision yourself and hold your stand after that and don’t point fingers to those who helped you in taking decisions. It’s you who gotta live with the decision.

Keep choosing whats best,


We all are very social in this big, yet small world of ours. We talk face to face, in phones, chats and signs also.

Whenever we do something wrong, then we feel that it was not that bad and others should understand why we did it that way. And we start trying to prove others that yes we were partially correct.
And when others do something wrong, then we judge them and try to make that person feel worse for just a mere mistake. We use WRONG words while addressing them like BLUNDER, MISTAKE..

I don’t like making the other person feel small/sad/guilty/timid when s/he does something wrong. Yes, I like to talk about it and make sure that it isn’t repeated in the future, but instead of
using the above CURSED words, I use a negation before the positive words. Like

I think that using such phrases makes the person feel good and make them understand the wrong ill-doing they did and makes them inspired to make the right thing faster and easily rather than when we
use incorrect words and depress the person.

Its said that the small changes show big results. I believe that talking in such a way not only makes our tone pleasurable but also inspires other to see others mistake as their own and rather than
downing the confidence of others, work on it to build the confidence of others, which will indirectly lead you to a higher peace and satisfaction level. Using negation is optional and not using negation is satisfactory.

I believe in small changes-big difference method. Hopefully it can do some good in this big world.

Stay hopeful,

Redefined Meanings of words!!

Dictionaries were invented to make the meaning of words same for all.. Universal!! So does it imply that people used to have no common words and no common meanings before the invention of dictionaries??
Its interesting how such an idea stuck me!! I was talking to a friend some days before and we defined watching “TeleVision” and spending time differently. For her it was a duty and for me, such a waste of time!! I know many must have started hating me after reading the last line..
But its not just about watching TV or any other stuff. Its all together a different issue.

We as humans, use the same words, but we mean it differently and in some cases, different meanings of the same word in front of different persons. Is it Magic or games being played??

We all are made that way. We give definitions to all the words ourselves. We always try to use the defined meanings of a dictionary but one can’t always accept ALL the things that’s written and sometimes try to make his own meaning for a word. And, after that he tries to make his known people know his own meaning of the word. I most certainly do for sure.

I change some proverbs a little bit here and there and feel that, yes my version is more apt than the original one.

“If there’s a will, there are many ways.”
I find it more perfect.

I personally feel more good to make some minor changes and try to look at this world from that point. You define the words, the other way round is just a myth.

If you have any kind of your own versions of proverb or saying,then please feel free to comment it here and let the world know about your inner Dictionary of your mind.

Keep Redefining,