Book Review – Journey is my path

The book starts easily. The flow is normal. The life of a guy who did Engineering and settled for a low-paid job. He was not satisfied because his input was his hard work in tough situations but his salary was not doing justice to it.

He opted for a marine job. He was always awed by their white uniform and discipline. He learned their discipline. It was all going well as he got an opportunity to be a part of a ship of the marine department. He learned many things, one being punctual too. The arrival of a new captain made life difficult for all. He left the job.

He was always a traveler by heart. He loved going to trips with friends and solo too. He went to many solo trekking. Learned how he has to make preparations when it rains without any weather forecasting. Learned how to tackle with emergency situations. And that’s when he realized FOLLOWING YOUR OWN HEART.

Now, I am not going to summarize the whole story for you. Let there be some hidden secrets which will compel you to read it. This protagonist is not someone normal thinking guy. He had different thoughts and different vision and hence he takes some different steps to reach where he thought he’ll find happiness. What he does to reach there? You have to find it yourself.

Just some spoiler is BEING IN A WRONG PROFESSION. What he does to get out of many wrong professions to find the one which suits him is the best. How he finds out what is the best profession for him.

I sincerely loved the book towards the end. Perfect ending!

I would recommend the book to you if you love to explore things within self and like to know about the mood swings of a youth who is in a wrong profession.

Lastly, I would thank Jithin of Trablogger to write a great book. He is a friend in WordPress and a great personality. Check out his pics and his book too.

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Let many more books come, Jithin 😉

Many book reviews coming soon.