Game of tiptoeing..

When I was a kid,

I used to tip toe go to kitchen,

During the noon time,

When my mother was asleep,

So that I can have some cream biscuits,

Without her knowledge.

But in the evening,

She calls me and takes my class,

For eating those biscuits on a regular basis.

She didn’t changed the place of those biscuits,

Because she loved my tip-toeing and having those biscuits,

And thinking that I can fool my mother,

Who know me more than I know myself.


Now, the table has turned.

I loved her beauty, her smile, her truthfulness,

And this time, my mother tip-toed,

And went to meet her and said,

To leave me and go far away from me,

Because my father don’t like her,

And my girl left me, without telling me,

And I thought that it was fate and we weren’t meant to be a together,

But then when I came to know what had really happened,

I cursed my mother, my girl, everyone, even God,

Because then I hated this game of tip-toe,

This game of pretendness.

This game of keeping cards close to your chest,

This game of not putting everything on the table,

This game of thinking that others are fool,

And you are the only smart guy.

I hate this sham!!


Different names,

Different voices,

Different heights,

Different smell,

Different ways,

Different lives,

Different interests,

Different smiles,

Different emotions,

Different perspectives,

Different reasons,

Different commitments,

Different goals,

Different souls,

Different thoughts,

Different destinations,

Different centuries,

Different societies,

Different civilizations,

Different gait,

Different styles,

Different personality,

Different DNA,

Different finger-prints,

Different you,

Different me,

But yet, we’re ALL THE SAME!!

That Phone call

-Phone call of 1 minute with just no one speaking and listening to your HELLO, HELLO, ANYONE THERE??

-Phone call of 2 minutes to give a sad news of the death of a family member.

-Phone call of 5 minutes from school principal to the parent of a naughty kid for suspension.

-Phone call of 10 minutes from sister regarding the guy she loves and wants to tell about him to parents.

-Phone call of 20 minutes with an ex so that you can call it truce and walk on to your different ways.

-Phone call of 30 minutes with parents to make is realize how much they miss their child and want to see us as it’s been aeons.

-Phone call of 40 minutes with a girl so that you can know her and make her realize how much she means to you.

-Daily phone call of 1 hour with your love partner to tell her how beautiful she looks and what all you can do and will do to make her happy and smiling. To make her realize that she make you the one who you are.

-Phone call of 2 hours from a chaddi-buddy after so long and talk about all the things you both have gone through and all seems as if you just met yesterday.

-Phone call from a stranger giving condolences for the death of your parent and making you realize that many people don’t have things which you have and you probably don’t feel oblige to value.

-Sometimes a miss call from a known number which was deleted years back can also bring a difference in your thinking and help you prioritize things and people.

It’s been always a phone call that make you rush through the traffic and go to meet that special one when they are in trouble.

I think we all always have had some of these phone calls in our lives and it makes us realize that just a phone call can make us take a new step to a new life or help us put a period to an old good life ended successfully.

We all hope that we don’t get the less durationed phone calls because those are the ones with some reality checks. But again, those phone calls open ways for you to see this world from a new perspective and march on a new road and follow your dreams. But face-to-face conversation hold the most important priority for me till date.

If one door is closed, be assured that 2 new are opened. You just have to do some hard work to find those 2 new opened doors.

Sometimes, lying is good for health!!

We all lie in our lives at some point or the other.

But the consequences we face for lying are different, depending on the situations we lie.

If we lie for ourself, then we are at the receiving end of the cursed words, gouged eyes of others, shaking heads of dear ones, probably like we’re the black sheep of the family..

But if we lie for others, even though it just brings happiness to them for 1 second or 1 single moment then our lie is worth it and we get praised for what we did. Some also think that it was needed to be done & we did what was needed to be done. It’s quiet strange that if we lie for ourselves then there is no worst living being on Earth than us, but if we do it for others then we are the Best living being.. Strange world..

Sometimes the truth we hear are lies. Complex world, ain’t it?? The truth we hear from others,sometimes might be the lies they heard from some different others. So its a truth but ultimately a lie. So, it’s difficult to know what is lie & what is truth. It all comes down to the person who tells it. If we trust him, then no matter what they say, most of it will be truth and vice-versa.

There are some people(and yes I admit that I have come across them in my small lifetime), that they don’t care that you lied for a good purpose and may be cut you some slack because praising for doing a good/brave job is none of their concern. Instead, they hold on to the thought that you lied to them, no matter what the circumstance be, and then they always keep on reminding you about it and make you feel as if they have an upper hand with you, but they are wrong. They never did the right thing, which is make others happy or atleast try to make others happy by doing something not doable or lying for the sake of happiness of others.

There are also some people who think that it’s lying, if we don’t tell the truth. But, technically we just didn’t tell anything so I don’t know what will we call this except “unshared information” because we didn’t give an untruthful answer to the question. The fact is that the question was never asked and yet, we lied. Seriously, people and how they try to point fingers when things aren’t going their way.

I sometimes get confused about what is truth/lie but then I leave it on time & let time unfold it for me. But, we all need Hope & intuition & that leap of faith to move forward in life. So, we can also sometimes think that not all we heard was truth & then try to think those things as truth which are beneficial to us & discard the remaining.
Keep lying for the good cause,