Game of tiptoeing..

When I was a kid,

I used to tip toe go to kitchen,

During the noon time,

When my mother was asleep,

So that I can have some cream biscuits,

Without her knowledge.

But in the evening,

She calls me and takes my class,

For eating those biscuits on a regular basis.

She didn’t changed the place of those biscuits,

Because she loved my tip-toeing and having those biscuits,

And thinking that I can fool my mother,

Who know me more than I know myself.


Now, the table has turned.

I loved her beauty, her smile, her truthfulness,

And this time, my mother tip-toed,

And went to meet her and said,

To leave me and go far away from me,

Because my father don’t like her,

And my girl left me, without telling me,

And I thought that it was fate and we weren’t meant to be a together,

But then when I came to know what had really happened,

I cursed my mother, my girl, everyone, even God,

Because then I hated this game of tip-toe,

This game of pretendness.

This game of keeping cards close to your chest,

This game of not putting everything on the table,

This game of thinking that others are fool,

And you are the only smart guy.

I hate this sham!!

Looping relationships!!

Same persons.. Same question.. But different answers.. Over a span of time..

A boy has crush on a girl and starts talking in WhatsApp. So here goes the conversation–

Boy: Hi, how was ur day?
Girl: Hey, ok!!

Boy: Hello, how was your dayyy??
Girl: Hiee, yes today was good.

Boy: Heyya, how was ur day??
Girl: Hi Dear, yes the day was grrreatt.. went for shopping!!

Now, they are kinda in a relationship.. so the days again start from 1… Names are changed from Boy to BF & Girl to GF.. No description needed right? 😛

BF: Hey sweeto, how was ur day Baby? Missed me??
GF: Hi Jaan, yes today was really awesome!! Yes missed you but I know you missed me more 😛 had fun with office colleagues. They are so funny and always gets cold drinks and chips for me when we go to watch movies 😉

BF: Hello Dear, How was your sweet day?
GF: Hi Baby, yes today you say how was your day first??(Just for formality :D) Cause mine was not that good. Had a fight with my BFF and won’t ever talk to her again. Please call me naa now, wanna talk to someone.

BF: How was your day?
GF: Yeah same old. Went outside with friends. You still watching football?

BF: Hey..
GF: Had a very bad day today. Now with relatives. Will talk later.

BF: Do you EVER sincerely want to know how was MY day?
GF: Yes Baby, I always want to know. Leave all this, tell me How are you? How was your day? You OK?

GF: Hey, how was ur day?
Boy: Yes ok. Please dont message me anymore!!

And then again, the Day starts from 1(that too twice) and names are also changed, but yes the characters are a bit shuffled and others new characters also keep on getting added 😀
*This conversation is not purely imaginary, and resemblance to any fact or person is intentional.