We, the non living creatures

Inside out
Upside down
Off and on
What if
Things were
We were the non living
And the non living be living
What would you prefer to be?
Houses would be roaming
Bottles walking
Chairs hopping
Fridge dancing
You statue
Me statue
All stagnant
All stuck
Fridge would come
Up to me
And eat the cadbury
From my pocket
Houses would pick me up
And keep me at road side
And leave me behind
Leaves crawling
We are kept at museum
We are thrown to one another
We are a wastage to them
How cheap are we to them
Now we know how it feels
To be a material
For someone
No care
Just living as a non living
Everything is important
If you can breathe some
Life into ANYTHING
It becomes alive
Make everyone
And everything


P.S.: Kids how are you all? 😀 which non living object would you choose to be? 😉 And today’s pick is 2 Heads of Coleman Hell 😉