For the sake of writing about LIFE..

I want to write something that is remembered by those who read it. Something that if not read, implies missing out on something great and leads to regrets. Something which is total wonder and admired by most, if not all. Something that not only defines the writer but also the reader. It should fit into the lives of so many people. And for that to be true, it should be the most simple truth. The naked truth. This truth might not be accepted by all because it is difficult to digest truth, which makes us upset and feel regret. But upon reading it, many will realize that not accepting the truth is a matter of time and sooner or later we have to.

The simple things are becoming the most difficult ones in life. Why? Because we’re trying to make it more simpler. This doesn’t make any sense as God made us and he chose the most simple way for us. Be friends, be truthful, live life & love life. Such simple words yet difficult to stand firm on them.

Life can’t be any simpler so wasting our time on worrying about how life can be simpler and joyous is not getting us anywhere. Whatever time we have, apart from the work and all stuff, try to do something better. Even if doing better means better for your own self.

Being simple means being selfish. We’re born selfish. Can you accept this simple fact that you’re selfish? Yes, I am selfish because of the things I do for MY happiness. I read, I help, I cry all for my own happiness. Such a simple thing and yet we say others are selfish.

There is life only at that moment. Life vanishes just before and just after that moment. So why to bother much about thinking about the passed time and the uncertain, future. Chill, relax and enjoy the present, no matter the amount of shit you’re in.

We know we can get out of any arduous situation with some will power and concentration. Try that. Do it and see your comfort zone widen. Life is about adaption. We were born and we adapted to childhood. We grew and adapted to teenage. We are adapting to youth and at the blink of an eye, old age will be upon us and the adaption phase will start then too.

We gotta keep on adapting and accepting the facts of life. Difficult but the only way to live happily because crying over the past and worrying for the future will only make you miss the awesome present we’re presented with. Go! Live the present. Smile more. Talk more. Help more. Forget more. Forgive more. Love more. Live more.


P.S.: Let’s welcome the weekend with some love and  My Love of Westlife 🙂