Live alone together

Make me aware
That my skin is beautiful
Which covers my soul
You’re my soulmate
So love me
I know
But I want to feel
How it feels
To be loved
On the skin
I want to love
Your skin
Want to embrace
And minimal distance
Between us
Don’t be afraid
I won’t force myself
But will respect
Your unsaid words
And seek your permission
Before moving ahead
I know you want it
I know I want it
But this shyness
And this fear
Is what is the barrier
Let’s forget those
For a while
See how wonderfully
We fit together
Without further thinking
Let’s just forget
The world and
Live alone together


P.S.: Let’s be romantic and spread love. Today’s pick is Rooftop by Zara Larsson 🙂 Goodnight folks ❤

Afraid of what not..

We are so very afraid

Afraid of the known

Afraid of the unknown

Afraid of being rejected

Afraid of not meeting the expectations

Afraid of giving it a try

Afraid of keeping it in the heart

Afraid of letting go

Afraid of letting in

Afraid of the stormy night

Afraid of the peaceful dream

Afraid of the closeness

Afraid of the distances

Afraid of being in a limelight

Afraid of being ignored

Afraid of reaching greater heights

Afraid of not giving it a try

Afraid of daily routine

Afraid of the buried past

Afraid of the uncertain future

Afraid of the being a burden

Afraid of speaking up

Afraid of showing true emotions

Afraid of hiding true emotions

Afraid of what to do

Afraid of what not to do

Afraid of anything

Afraid of everything

Afraid of the never ending list

Afraid of life crawling away

Afraid of the people walking away

Afraid of things falling apart

Afraid of the choosing sides

Afraid of not following your heart

Afraid of following your heart & getting nowhere

Afraid of the known

Afraid of the unknown

Afraid of being afraid

Afraid of being unafraid

The more afraid you are

The more courageous you will be

Provided you want to stop being afraid

And become unafraid and free.

Are you afraid of being lost??

This world is so big, vast, wide that small people like me, like you don’t matter much when seen from Arial view. We think that we are important and we surely are but will we always stay important to the cause of this earth? Will we be always remembered or will be lost? Will be extinct? Will be forgotten??

Its difficult to say this now. But we all are afraid that we may be lost and forgotten of our existence. And if that happens while we are alive & breathing, is a big blow. We all always want to remembered, want to be disturbed, want to be poked no matter we like it or not.

How do we achieve this feat of getting lost while being alive? It’s simple and easy. We don’t do anything for others and you are just “puff” & gone. Humanity is the thing which should always be within us to feel alive, special, peaceful. We don’t have to always think of what we will get if we do something or the other. If possible try to do things without thinking about what YOU will get and instead think what others will benefit from you.

Simple rule is don’t allow yourself to be lost and you will never be lost. And you will not be lost by doing the things that you love to do and want to share with this world. Just socializing is not the way of being present. You have to be present for others without thinking that will they do the same for you. Help others and you will surely be rewarded by mental peace, satisfaction, happiness to say the least. These things are far more important than any materialistic rewards.

One can be present also within the memories of a stranger. Because when this stranger after having a hell of a day sees you smile and exchange a nod while crossing the path, can make his day better and bring a smile to his face & life. This single simple moment will keep you alive forever in his memories. It will urge that stranger also to spread happiness and help being alive and never get lost in someone else’s memory.

One don’t need binoculars to found himself. Just a sacred consciousness to find himself. And in finding himself, he also finds those who matters to him and will help him being found & alive & happy.

Find yourself & others,