Learning from mental molestation..

The day comes

The night goes

It never ends

The circle of life

I need it to stop

Because there’s no

Breathing time

We live like cyborgs

I don’t think we even live

It’s like we’re wasted

For things that won’t be missed

I crave for my smile

I crave for my happiness

But it never comes

Elopped it stays

So, I turn my attention

To your smile and care

And all I am served is

Mental Molestation

I can’t take it anymore

I am all sore

Just let it pass by

Till the water is head-high

Then I will oppose

I will leave

Because I don’t believe in making people understand

If they had to, they would have

If they didn’t, they won’t ever!

Hence taking all the mental molest I can

It makes me strong

It makes me, me!

P.S.: I couldn’t have been listening to any other song in loop apart from Whatever it takes of Imagine Dragons at this time. How are you, peepal? 😀 I am reading Daring Greatly recently and it’s awesome. FYI, I am reading at the speed of the slowest snail 😛


It’s so difficult to get the attention of others, especially the one, whom you like & want them to see you and appreciate you appreciating them 😉

According to me, a girl’s eyes should speak for herself and if she winks, then she definitely has my attention 😀

So, what specific thing an opposite gender person should have or show so that they have your kind attention. Feel free to share and see what all things people come up with 😀

P.S.: Hope you had a great weekend. Today’s pick is Written in the stars of Tinie Tempah 😉