You’re that newspaper column..

People write auto-biographies

People write biographies

People write books and novels

People read them all

People write poems and stories

People always try to express

Either by words or actions

Words can vary from one to many

Actions can vary from null to all

But it’s all out there

Similar is a newspaper column

In the middle page of the newspaper

Because people like my parents

Start reading from the front page

And seldom go till the middle

And people like me

Start reading from the last page(sports section)

And never EVER go till the middle page

And that newspaper column

Remains unread by people like us

But it doesn’t matter much

Because the author of that column

Will definitely would had made sure

That he gives his best effort to the column

Irrespective of the reading audience

And he will also make sure that

He cuts that column and keep as a

Memior for life

About his small yet important works of life

Such is life

Like a newspaper column

Important to us and hence kept

Like a rose and protected and safe

Only by us

What others think

Or how others act

Shall not make us NOT live our life fully 🙂


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P.S. : Cheers to Life and that special newspaper column with our name written in it 🙂 Today’s song is The climb of Miley Cyrus 😉 Monday is here 😦

We are all funambulists..

Creation of mankind

Done with tenderness

Each one of us

Blessed with unique qualities

A long path ahead

Sometimes bright

Sometimes dark

We find ourselves

On this unique yet same path

We are all funambulists

Walking that tightrope

Balancing work family life

Not getting time for own selves

Yes this path is difficult

Each step should be conscious

Making sure we don’t fall

Its trouble both the sides

Safest way is straight ahead

And balancing is more important

We achieve it via Friends

But all it needs

Is one small wrong step

That’s all is required

To wash the good deeds

Of all the previous steps

The distance seems longer

If we are afraid

And how could we not be?

With just the rope to walk

Concentrating on balance

No other support

Falling sideways out of the question

It’s difficult and this is the test

Not reaching the other side

But to take steps firmly

Take time to balance life

Destination is not running away

Make sure your patience also don’t run away

Don’t focus on the audience

They are just waiting to laugh

Once you fall

Instead make them awestruck

Concentrate on your path

Reach the destination

End the difficult yet possible walk

And hear those same audience

Clapping for the wonderful miracle

That they witnessed infront of them