No, I am not a flag.

Waving was I
The whole time
My whole lifetime
But none stood
Before me to show respect
All just stared at me
And left me to my motion
No respect for colors
Which were few
No respect for words also
Which were many
And you must be wondering
Why words will be written
On a flag??
Oops! Sorry for the confusion
In my frustration
I forgot to mention
Who am I?
I am not a flag
I m perforated
Such a dishonor to a flag
Is not tolerated
I am a mere hoarding
A billboard
There at the roadside
Displaying who knows what
To who knows whom
But my lifetime is increased
By making holes
So that small trebles won’t consume me
Only the deadly of hurricanes
Can be the reason for my downfall
Or sometimes the previously
Important words become nada
And I am taken down
And someone similar to me
Takes my place
Waves with pride
Mocks at me
But seldom it remembers
That my present fate
Would someday be
Its future fate
And this is how life goes on..

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