Perfect combo

Moustache: A person is a dude if he has a moustache. I am the sign of his manliness.

Beard: Don’t over think, Mr Moustache. A normal person can have a moustache and still won’t be a dude. For being a dude, he needs to have a beard. Trimmed, well-maintained beard. I magnify the aura of the dude multiple times & I can survive without you too.

Moustache: I agree with you surviving without me but if a person, who wants to be a dude and wants to grow a beard, has to have a moustache first. I am mandatory. I am the foundation and the base. You matter because I matter.

Beard: Now I don’t agree with you there. Seriously? You think that. You, of all people. That’s the lousiest thing I have heard from you and remember, we have been partners since the beginning of time. We used to get much time with each other in the beginning during stone age and when then the evolution started.

Moustache *being emotional*: Yes, I agree. Those were the golden days. We used to be important and mattered to the people. Nowadays we’re just there for style. There is no stability too. One day I am there and girls are wanting to smell me & dwell with me and the next day I am gone. Silly people.

Beard *joining the party*: I have to agree with you. These people are just so unstable. Sometimes they shave me all, sometimes they trim me, sometimes make me a goatee or a french cut. They play with me as if I am a toy. Such a nuisance cannot be tolerated anymore.

Moustache: I feel you, man. Let’s make sure that we won’t tolerate such torture from these people and grow uneven and crazily no matter how much they try to make it even or pay bucks to hair specialist to keep us within boundaries. We are the ones who are awesome and it’s us who help guys look awesome.


Some of the many styles


P.S.: Today’s pick is I want it that way of Backstreet boys(my favorite band) in acoustic version sung by Boyce Avenue ❤

Magnificent necklace

Remember those days
Wonderful days
When we used to talk
And share everything
Almost everything
Each day was a bead
Added to the necklace
To make it look magnificent
The most beautiful necklace
Was being made for you
With both of us involved
And suddenly
The necklace broke
The beads scattered
Running to the farthest corner
Of the room
Making sure they won’t be found
And if ever they do
They can’t be put together
To be the same magnificent
Necklace for you
Now, I am dreadful
Thinking how my reality
Differs vastly from my imagination
But in my mind
That magnificent necklace
Still persists
And you’re it’s
Sole owner 🙂


P.S.: 10000 promises of Backstreet boys 😀 Christmas is almost here.. And tonight is Winter Solstice 🙂 Longest night of the year so have fun & do whatever makes you excited and crazy ❤