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The days of Engineering are over because technology has made our lives stable and it’s rise to power will be gradual and not steep anymore. In the coming years, health is going to be a big factor or concern for most of us because of global warming and environment related stuff. So the need for doctors is going to be multiple times than it is now.

Medical course is done by aspiring doctors. A course of 5 years with lakhs of investment as course fee and other expenses. The reason behind the great demand in MBBS is limited seats and interest of parents/banks to shell out money in present to reap good profits in the future.

So, when parents have decided to invest such huge amount of money for their child’s MBBS course, they would definitely want to take admission in the finest of institutions. A place where all the information about all the institutions is listed, makes the headache of parents/students/well-wishes wither. Collegedunia is such a place where you can find detailed information on colleges and its environment. Collegedunia has helped thousands of students choose wisely for their career ahead and it is recommended by many(one of them is me) to have a glimpse and see for yourself the benefits of having useful information at finger tips.

Ranks of the colleges change and it is difficult for parents or a normal human being to be updated with every latest information. Collegedunia helps you in every way possible to provide the latest and truest of information about colleges and related kinds.

Most of the reputed medical colleges in India are located in New Delhi(Capital of India). Some of them are All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Maulana Azad Medical college & much more. Click to know the detailed information regarding best medical colleges in New Delhi.

What’s inside matters..

Imagine a bottle
An empty bottle
How much is it worth?
Nada, zook, naught
Yeah, it’s all the same
Now how much does
A cold drink bottle cost?
Some 50-100 bucks
A perfume bottle cost?
200-300 bucks
A beer bottle cost?
Some 1k bucks
What do we conclude?
The bottle hardly matters
The inside content matters
Similarly our body hardly matters
Our soul are the main catch
Don’t bond just looking at the bottle
You would end up getting
Nada, zook, naught
Bond with the liquid
And you will have the
Most precious people
By your side 🙂

P.S.: I had read about a similar topic somewhere, some years ago and can’t remember properly. So, its totally ain’t my idea. But, don’t we all derive relatable things from what we read and feel and hear and make our own version.

Hope you all are well and having fun and making plans of the coming weekend 😉

All I need is…

I don’t need a hundred million bucks
I don’t need all the good luck
I don’t need truckload of flowers
I don’t need all the World’s power

I don’t need rage and anger
I don’t need all the correct answers
I don’t need that fake smile
I don’t need all your guile

I don’t need those two-faced demons
I don’t need dreams of three-eyed ravens
I don’t need hundred years of longevity
I don’t need life of clarity

I don’t need inhuman me
I don’t need whole World to see
I don’t need worthless tensions
I don’t need shrewd intentions

I don’t need unhappening life
I don’t need any sharp knives
I don’t need any false hopes
I don’t need beautiful yet deadly strokes

I don’t need all my needs
I don’t need all good deeds
I don’t need all starry nights
I don’t need to be always bright

All I need is
to be imperfect
to be human
to be disgraced
to be exposed
to be cursed
to be hated
to be disliked
to be avoided
to be neglected
to be by-passed
to be growing
to be forgiven
to be excused
to be evolved
to be resurrected
to be smiled at
to be liked
to be felt
to be welcomed
to be accepted
to be rejoiced
to be caressed
to be loved
to be kissed
to be hugged
to be said MINE
to be Human