I am so happy

Presently I am reading The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. It’s a great book and I am liking it till now. Just some 40 add pages are remaining (total pages are 100) 😀

I took the bus from office to home in the evening today. I took out the book from my bag to read. I saw the bus conductor approaching, I kept the book aside, took out my wallet. What happened next was astonishing for me.

The conductor came to me and instead of taking money from me, took the book and started reading. I was stunned. You ask why? Because in India, there are very less literate people who would opt for such a profession and he was totally engrossed in the book.

He went to collect money from other passengers and again came and sat beside me reading the book. I was so happy seeing him reading the book.

I wish he could read more and have a good life just as he’s imagined for himself. He is B.A. pass (Bachelor of Arts) and due to some family issues he chose this. I gave him the book and we shook hands and at the end of my trip, we both were happy souls ❤

P.S.: Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you is my new favorite 😀 I secretly took a pic of the guy reading. Hope this is good.16144932_1184966048223110_1196503601_o

I am happy that I witnessed it..

It’s so pure. The love of grandparents for the grandchildren.

Today morning, I was in a bus going to work, as regular weekdays. I was super sleepy(early morning feeling) and then I saw a kid looking at the line of vehicles at a traffic standing at the side walk. She was hardly 2 years old and probably try it understand, ‘Why so many buses?’, ‘ Why the rush?’, ‘Why the traffic?’, and what I loved the most, was her grandpa’s reaction to it.

He was a white bearded man standing there at the side walk with her, holding her hand. In fact the girl was holding the grandpa’s index finger. All the while, the grandpa was standing still and letting her feel things and analyse her thoughts. The grandpa was not rushing the kid to walk or distract her train of thoughts. On the other hand, the kid was gladly absorbing life and then decided to walk and unknowingly initiated the walk and off they went both.

What a sight it was to see the patient grandpa giving the power of present to her grandchild and the way she bossed the moment. Loved it.

Have you ever felt something so unique that brought a smile to your face and opened up a new level of love and bonding in your life?

Grandfather and granddaughter

It all came down on me at once..

It was raining when I left office

Had a stressed day

Was in an arguement with my senior

But then apologised and patched things up

But still, I shouldn’t had yelled at him

There I was in the bus

All wet from the rain

Sudden rainfall and you’re heavy

Thankfully got seat in the bus

And that too window was not being closed

And that was the last available empty seat

Rested my ass and exhaled

Closing my eyes and reminiscing the happenings of today

I have to control my tongue

Anger was correct I know that

And it was more irritation and frustration

And so and so

Went down the memory lane looking at the rain outside

How I have reached here, drenched and frustrated

And there it was, everything right in front of me

All the good days, bad days, ugly days

And time just flew away all in a flash

One blink of an eye and I was deserted

As if I was left behind, far behind

And all others, everyone have gone forward at lightning speed

It not only made me sad and devastated but also happy for all

As atleast they are doing good with their lives

I was left staring at my own reflection on the window glass

Which was dirty, misty and that blurred reflection said it all

Just then a drop of tear fell from my eye

And in the window reflection, I saw it’s course down my cheek to edge of the lip to the chin

And pretended(mostly to myself) that something entered my eye

Due to this windy raining evening

And when I saw if someone caught me shedding that one tear

I saw that no on was there for me or atleast looking at me

All were occupied with their own troubles or the temporary phase of happiness

And then I reached my stop

Gathered my bag, excused myself till the exit

And was down again in the rain and all drenched.

Virtual High Five!!

Today, while returning in bus from hospital. Yes, a friend met an accident and luckily he is safe and good now. Probably in his dreamland 😀

On the way, a kid of 12-13 years was working at roadside. May be a daily laborer, working for his share of bread & butter. My left hand was outside the window as I peeped to the world outside. I saw the kid & smiled looking at him. Never hoping for a return smile. But as of most cases, I was wrong because he gave a more heartily smile than mine. That was glorious, shining, bright and divine. My hanging left hand just as a reflex went up in air as a token of appreciation. I was looking back at him. He was looking at the bus going forward in such a speed, making me look more & more far. I was sure he might not had been able to see me anymore. But he saw my uplifted arm & again reverted my gesture with the same. It was like a virtual High Five with a total stranger, but with the same enthusiasm. Fucking awesome. He transferred his divine love into me with that High Five. Simple gestures leaves prints in our hearts so deep. Love and its various forms. He made a rough day bearable and helped me love this big world in our small precious ways.

Unexpected traveling Companion!!

I have a daily routine of going to office and returning back Home in bus.

Buses are a tricky thing. Hustle, crowd always. But its pleasant also for people like me who love spending some own time in bus by staying quiet and sometimes wondering outside the window and relishing the Gifted natural beauty and the artificial buildings, but mostly I don’t look outside the window but into my phone.

I have, since last 1 year, made a good habit of reading books in my phone. I can take all my books everywhere without having any trouble. So, I indulge myself in reading books always and traveling to those lands where the words written by the author take me to.

But today was different, in the traveling time of 30 mins, I was hardly able to read 2 pages cause there was someone special sitting by my side. Yes, there she was. I didn’t notice her in the beginning but once I glanced at her, it was difficult for me to go back to reading.

Boy, she was beautiful indeed and her smile was breath taking. Her big bulging eyes, asking me questions without even opening her mouth. I kept my phone in my pocket because I wanted this 30 mins of journey to stretch a bit long.
The parents of the girl were also there, but they were okay with me having good fun moments with her.

To take the surprise about the girl, she might have been less than 1 year old toddler, but still we were connecting and her laugh was making every traveling passenger look at her, and forget the sorrow of our lives and the parents just could nod by looking at all the passengers and appreciating the smile on every lips. She had just 2 front teeth grown and was bald and wearing a pretty pink colored frock, all making her look far more lovely.

I was the most lucky one cause I got to literally bang my head to her, many a times 😀
Yeah it was good. But the great part was her reaction after the collision. We banged our heads and she was holding the back of her head, as if she felt the collision from the back. But her expressions were different and pretty.

Sorry, I didn’t ask her name but she was an Angel. She made me make some weird expression which luckily made her laugh and all the rest passengers also.


Its good sometimes to have a different irregular start to a day. Hopefully, the weekend also will be awesome for the Month of December is ahead and its time for Santa and New Year to come soon and spread happiness.

Cheers to all the parents for bringing Kids and us to this world and trying to spread happiness.

Keep smiling,