Carry the torch..

It’s so weird to blog daily

No, blogging is awesome

Because you all are awesome

Each and every one of you

The bloggers

The likers

The commentors

The re-bloggers

The stalkers

The non-bloggers


Today I ain’t got anything new to share

It’s the same old

Excited for weekend

But also a bit sad that

It will be over soon

But today

I want to know YOU better

So comment on anything

You, YES YOU wanna discuss

And I will carry the torch

Don’t feel shy

Don’t hesitate

You can comment the link

Of your latest post

Or you can tell me a story

To make me more happy for the weekend

Or you can just say a simple HI

Anything and I am okay

Even if nothing, then also I am okay

So, let’s begin..


P.S. : Many songs are in my mind always and Amnesia of 5sos is one of them 😀 #PeopleMatter and you are #MyPeople 😉