Long time. So, what’s up?!

Yo! How are you, folks? I am sorry because I promise that I will write more but then I fail. I fail my words. I fail to act. I fail to walk the talk. I fail.

All this is what you see. But in reality, I write, I just don’t publish because I am not getting time to edit. I think, I make videos(you’ll get a mail, if you subscribe my YouTube channel, Darshith Badiyani). So, as per me, I am living my words. I am being true to my words, I am walking talk. But, you guys don’t know it and I don’t show it.

It’s okay. I can live with that. But then again, I crave for attention. I crave for spotlight. I will come into your mailbox, into your Facebook feed with something written or a video. You can, of course ignore me or go ahead and read/view it.

I know I may disappoint you with my usual, random stuff but my approach towards life will definitely be different. Because, I am different. And seriously, I feel different than others.

I know that I am same as all of us but then I am different from all. I am unique because of the way I think, the way I act, the way I react and the way I live.

Life is too short to do the things we hate and life is perfect and awesome for the things we love. I am doing what I love. I am doing what I crave for and that’s spreading happiness and smiles.

I want people to see me as their ideal, not in all cases because I have my flaws too. I want others to learn good stuff from me and in return, let me learn good stuff from you. Yo! Is it okay? Ready to shake hands and make it a done deal?

So, come forward and tell me what you like about me and in return, I will tell what I like about you. Let’s spread positivity and smiles and take care of everyone.

See you soon and FYI, B’lore is awesome, so if you visit India or B’lore, remember me and I will see to it that you have a nice stay here 😉

P.S. : My friend(Soum) and I have sung another song and you can listen it here. It’s Counting Stars. I hope you like it and would love if you have any requests of songs or any any related feedback.

My latest video –

Respect the difference

Is love
You can argue
Or you can agree
I won’t judge
It ain’t my character
I know what it means to me
It may mean something different
To you and I would
Accept your meaning
Of music and rhythm
So don’t try to force
Your meaning onto me
And make me follow that
Different people
Different perspective
Different meanings
Even though same words
Same situation
Same feeling
And I would beg you
Don’t restrict this to music only
Respect the meanings
Of other’s words
Other’s feelings
Other’s thoughts
We express things differently
Because we feel differently
Respect the difference


P.S.: Today’s pick is Counting stars of one republic 😉