That rare feeling

I didn’t feel like this

Since a very long time

And it is bad I know

Once in a while

I should feel like this

The feeling of

Churning juices

The feeling of

Craving for food

I am so damn hungry !!

Being a vegan

I can go for non Veg also

Somebody help me

Get me some food

Any food will do

And this rare feeling

Is nourished

For more frequent times

And when I look

At someone

Who are deprived of

The feeling of full stomach

And are acquainted to

The feeling of

Empty stomach

It makes me sad

How a feeling of hunger

Is rare for me

And a feeling of

Full belly is rare for them

Needing everything Is optional

But 3 times a meal

Is mandatory

And I pray to God

That we all make

It possible in

Whatever ways we can

Just trying to eradicate

The Feeling of hunger

It won’t be done


But by the gradual

Effort of one & all

In every measure

So let’s join hands

And also share thoughts

For making it possible..


Chasing all our life..

The chase is on

Was or is it ever off??

Before birth the chase starts

And it don’t end

Till after our death also

But the sad part is

Object of chase varies

And we think

That we always

Require to go after

The next object of chase

To make our life better

Greedy Us?!!

Or the society has become that

I love to believe the latter

Chase after good education

Chase after good life partner

Chase after good living

Chase after good livelihood

When do you think

We should draw a line??

Or think too much of chasing

Time to sit down

And enjoy the things

Gathered from the previous chases

But we seldom do

Craving for better

Craving for more & more

Does this crave does any benefit??

To us or our dear ones

I guess it does

Or else why to go till such lengths

But I hope I will get some answers

With passing age

& some wisdom

& on the path of evolution


Ain’t got!!

Poor ain’t got money,

Rich ain’t got peace,

Terrorists ain’t got humanity,

Politicians ain’t got votes,

Teachers ain’t got time,

Students ain’t got opportunities,

Haters ain’t got love,

Lovers ain’t got faith,

Parents ain’t got responsibilities,

Kids ain’t got patience,

Managers ain’t got resources,

Resources ain’t got skills,

Comedians ain’t got fame,

Actors ain’t got privacy,

Laborers ain’t got future,

Lawyers ain’t got witnesses,

Detectives ain’t got proof,

Customers ain’t got bargain,

Producers ain’t got profit,

But, they all got one thing same,

All crave for some thing or the other in their own ways.

Poverty gnaws all.

P.S.: This was a topic asked by another close friend. Title was ‘Poverty’. Hope I did justice.