Concept of once more

I find it amusing
How the crowd
On feeling ecstatic
By a performance
And some of the performers
Fulfill their wishes too
And some don’t
If I am a performer
And the crowd shouts
Once more
I would deny them
And definitely not
Perform again
Because then
My performance will
Not remain unique
As I repeated
My own dance
And that’s not good
And hence to linger
On the minds of the
Crowd for a while longer
I will deny
Because the crowd
Only cheers or jeers
Some shout once more
Because they missed
The brilliant performance
Some shout because
They really liked it
Some because
Others are shouting
They don’t have their
Own minds
I may be wrong
With my thoughts
And I would love
If you share your
Thoughts too
Since we all got
Rights of freedom of thoughts


P.S.: This Hindi song is on my mind since morning. This is the first hindi song I am sharing here 😉 It’s Chalte Chalte of movie Chalte chalte 🙂 How did this happen 😀

It’s her wish to visit Taj..

Memories had entangled me then
I was busy wasting my precious time
On these unnecessary things
Jumbled up in the tensions of Work
Life, it’s ups & downs
Family, friends and buses and bikes
And all the daily chores.

There was crowd everywhere around me
I was surrounded by them
But there I was all alone
Lost, confused and helpless
Then I sat down at the stairs of a building there
And suddenly my eyes fell on a bird
That had come and sat there beside me
She was happy I can tell
As she was playing with its food
Hopping on that stair
Breezing away with the wind and then returning back
Going from one branch to the other of the banyan tree on the roadside
It seemed as if She was from some other place
May be a neighbouring country
I was left staring at her for hours
Staring at her freedom, at her happiness,
at her sincerity, at her way of life
Staring at her for long
Helped me forget my tensions
My chaotic life, my unmindful works
My life filled with hassles
I realized that she was talking to me
With her actions
As if sharing her stories
Her experiences and wishes
She was happy to be here
And She had heard a lot about the beauty of Taj Mahal
And asked me If I can accompany her
and show her The Symbol of Love, The Taj
So that when she goes back to her home
She will take back the beauty of Taj
and also the memories of the time spent with me
That she can cherish all her life..