People over places

I think touching lives is better than traveling to new places.

I have always preferred people over places. And my last trip to Kerala was all about people, some known, some unknown, and most close to my heart.

It is difficult to write how can we connect with people so easily without even knowing them since long and such is the bond with many of my blogger friends like Nimitha and KP and Nisha and Sri di.

The bond is so strong that even our families know one another and we have met each other’s parents. That is the next level. Maybe it is all about human frequency and the correct level of kindness and innocence that bond us all.

Irrespective of what it may be, I am thankful for all the respect and support and smiles given to me whenever I meet such people and the heart touching people of Kerala knows all about it.

Here are some of the pics —

This was the 1st pic at 8 AM and no, that is not alcohol 😀


Smiles at Lulu Mall 😀
One of the reasons to go to Kerala was to hold this kiddo ❤
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Canada cake for future Canada citizens 😀
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Achan, a great gentleman ❤
Notice the jasmine flowers 😀
KD and others 😀
people can sue me for posting this because I do not know most of them but still, it was fun to attend a wedding

Trust me, trusting people over places or process is the best decision of my life.

P.S.: I love people but then they are the ones who can’t give rest to others so we’re all screwed 😀 I will be going home next week, so, have fun at your respective homes and let me do dandia 😛 And, remember my YouTube channel, Darshith Badiyani, please do the honors 😀


Happy days are here again!!(Navratri aa gayi)

If you’re a Gujju, then you are definitely on Cloud Nine now.

Why? Because the days of dancing are here i.e. The Navratri.

We all worship one God or the other. We have so many festivals of Janmastami and Ganesh Puja and Shivratri, in the names of all the known Gods. Similarly, Navratri is celebrated for Durga Maa and her different forms. She takes various forms in each nine days of Navratri to save her devotees from the evils.

Its celebrated every year and this year will not be any different.

I am a resident of Cuttack and we celebrate it at Gujurati school there. We play Garba and Dandia for 3 hours each day and hymn in the name of our Gods.

dandia sticks

We make a sculpture of Durga Maa with the Tiger and play Garba infront of her. The below is the pic of this year’s sculpture.

Durga Maa Sculpture.
Durga Maa Sculpture.

We all Gujjus get together for these 9 days and have a lot of Fun.
Durga-Asthami(8th day) is the biggest and most celebrated day.

So, guys put on your dancing shoes and the field is calling you.

Happy Navratri,