Inner peace

New calendar
New days
New life
New resolutions
Staying true to them
Trying to make them true
Last year I succeeded
And this year
I will try to succeed too
This year I will
TRY my best
To not let people
Get under my skin
Because that makes
Me forget my peace
And makes things more confusing
So whatever others say
Or think about me
Is their definition of me
And none of my business
And no matter what
Others say or do
Don’t let them
Get to me
And don’t leave
The inner peace
Because that is what
Keeps me sane and going


P.S.: Happy new year people! Have a great 2016 ahead 🙂 Love you all & spread smiles here & smiles there 😉 Today’s pick is Treacherous of Taylor Swift ❤

Let the tree grow within you..

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,

and Hope is one of those,

whereas, expectations leads to sadness, death, pain and agony,

so try to stay away from it.

Hope grows as days pass,

just like a tree from a seed.

It grows bigger, greener, stronger,

with its roots holding the soil firmly,

And it also provides shade in later stage.

Expectations decays and shortens your life,

Just like a contagious disease.

It gives pain, tears, sleeplessness,

And eats us from inside and be the reason for our death.

So, whenever you want to help,

Plant a tree or cure someone else’s disease.

Kill the disease before it kills you,

Love the shade of the tree before it leaves you.

Grow and let others grow.