Being rational

You gotta learn
To judge
And see your
Profits & losses
Because you can’t
Accept 2℅ gain
And ignore the fucking
98℅ loss
Try to learn to
Weigh things
And choose the best
For you
Because in the end
It’s you
Who is there
For yourself
And rest all fade away
You gotta face yourself
And to make eye
Contact with yourself
You have to be truthful
And should
Agree to the decisions
You took
So learn
And live
And let go
Be rational
Be awesome
Be truthful
Don’t go to lengths
To prove who you are
Because you’re
Who you are


P.S. : Today’s pick is Too close of Alex Clark 😉 I missed WP as I was away for such a long time 😀 how are you guys?

No nothing…. and all at once

No poetry

No prose

No reviews

No biographies

No auto-biographies

No diaries

No essays

No fables

No articles

No journals

No letters

No plays

No tales



Smile exchanged

Bond created

Everything becomes alive

Words starts dancing in my head

You know you will be in my every word since then

Smiling girl behind blurry boy against autumn landscape.
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