Kill the cliches

“Main tumhare bacche ki maa ban ne wali hu”

“Jee le apni zindagi simran”

“Ye dono hath mujhe de de thakur”

“Pyar kiya to darna kya”

To all the Bollywood watching people out there, what’s the similarity between the above dialogues?
Yes, you guessed it right. Those all are the cliches of Bollywood movies. It’s been years & decades since these are followed blindly and people still like its usage.

As per me, these dialogues have lived its life expectancy and its saturation is crossed since long.

In my life, I am a victim to certain cliches too. When I get angry/irritated, I avoid talking to the person who ignited that feeling or rather I stop talking to everybody. My family members know when I am in that mood.

I have a friend who in almost all situations says, “It is like” and stays mum. Nothing more. Not a single word. And I think, brother LIKE WHAT? 😀 Where’s the comparison.

Similarly, in this world too there are some cliches called “Natural calamities”. These cliches seldom show their faces to us but when they do, it is not in our power to stop it. But the reason it happens might be indirectly due to us, our ill works. When the balance of the environment is disturbed, Natural cliches(read calamities) strikes and restores the balance. No doubt there is a loss of blood & materials but restoring of balance is necessary for the greater good.

From this, we know that we all got cliches and we all can be better if we discard them from our lives. I can be better if I don’t avoid people when angry/irritated. My friend can definitely stop using “IT IS LIKE”. And, Earth can show some mercy and find an alternate way to regain the balance. This alternate way needs to be initiated by us. There is no other way. We have to spread awareness. We have to work towards it. Once we achieve it to make lives of humans a lot more easy. And by doing this, we will kill the natural cliches before the cliches kill us.


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