Magnificent necklace

Remember those days
Wonderful days
When we used to talk
And share everything
Almost everything
Each day was a bead
Added to the necklace
To make it look magnificent
The most beautiful necklace
Was being made for you
With both of us involved
And suddenly
The necklace broke
The beads scattered
Running to the farthest corner
Of the room
Making sure they won’t be found
And if ever they do
They can’t be put together
To be the same magnificent
Necklace for you
Now, I am dreadful
Thinking how my reality
Differs vastly from my imagination
But in my mind
That magnificent necklace
Still persists
And you’re it’s
Sole owner 🙂


P.S.: 10000 promises of Backstreet boys 😀 Christmas is almost here.. And tonight is Winter Solstice 🙂 Longest night of the year so have fun & do whatever makes you excited and crazy ❤