That pencil stroke

That scribbling
That design
That graphite
That imperfection
That pencil stroke
Made my life
Made my dream
Made me believe
That I can make it a reality
Gave me strength
Gave me hope
Gave me a reason
To live my life
That piece of paper
With that pencil stroke
Will always be close to me
Safe in my trunk
Hidden within a pouch
Because that’s the dream
Dream to make this world
Better as I see it
I can’t do it alone
I will need help
I will need friends
I will need accomplishes
But they all will come
At the right time
When I decide
To pursue my dream
To take it seriously
Make it happen
Make it a reality
It may take months & years
And even decades for my dream
To become real
But it definitely will
And before anything
Before any realization of my dream
That pencil stroke
Sealed my fate
Made me follow it endlessly


P.S.: This work is an inspiration from the movie The Walk. I seriously loved it. I think I watched it at the right time in my life. Today’s song pick Haven’t met you yet of Michael Buble. I posted this same work here 🙂

Reality of Death!!

“Well I am Death, none can excel,
I’ll open the door to heaven or hell.”

Death, the cold feeling of emptiness comes sooner or later and takes what matters the most, Our Soul.

Today I realized that with the death of a single person in a family, the whole family dies.
This feeling of Death makes us so devastated as if all the good memories and achievements of life meant nothing.
We just want 1 extra single year, extra month, extra day, extra hour to set things straight.

Criticism, failure, insecurities are reality-check, but Death is in itself a Reality.
A Reality we want to avoid. A Reality we want to forget about. A Reality we don’t want to exist. A Reality which we don’t want to be real.

I want to tell you all, may this day never come when you have to face this Reality, but I know that I can only say the hollow words, because deep within we both know that it will come and set us free for good.
So, don’t wait for this Reality to come, so that you can cry and shed tears for your dear ones and feel guilty for all the things left undone.
Talk to all your close people, share happiness, spread smiles, make wishes, make effort to complete these wishes, make a better world for all, make someone happy daily, make friends, make family.. These small yet important things matters and are the things which help us face the Reality and move on.

You gotta live. So, why not for those who matters to you, who depends on you.
Accept the Reality, and we can only hope that our dear ones are in a far better place.

Cry as much as you can, no restrictions in it. But, make sure you don’t cry for the same reason twice.
Smile as much as you can, but make sure you smile for every small reason you have.

Live life,


What if I was born in the 15th century?
What if I was born in USA?
What if I was born a girl?
What if I didn’t had any siblings?
What if I didn’t had a job?
What if I had some disease and I didn’t had much time left?
What if SHE was not in my life?
What if I didn’t do enginnering?
What if I was left handed?
What if there was no WHAT IF??


There are so many questions or should I say HYPOTHETICAL questions which we think of on a regular basis. These hypothetical questions are the ones which
sometimes helps us in making a better decision or sometimes are the ones which makes us lose a great opportunity by taking a wrong step.

But, why to give importance to these Hypotheticals, when we already know that they are never gonna be true, or to say the least ARE NOT TRUE IN THE PRESENT!!
But, still we do and it totally depends on the mindset of an individual how he looks at the answers he finds from this hypothetical questions. Mostly, we are depressed on knowing what we find but that should make us happy that we are in a far better place.

The present is the most important. The past is also important but not worth much time of the present. The future is uncertain but that doesn’t mean that we can’t plan it. We should prepare for the best, but also be ready for the worst.But,one thing is certain
that Hypotheticals should be kept aside safely just like a wall clock. We all need it in our house but we hardly use to look time in it.
Similalry, for reality check, hypotheticals are good but one should not overthink the things and start depending far too much on it.

What matters is Now and there is no place for What-if in NOW!!

Be logical,

Maktub- It is written!!

Everytime some unexpected thing happens, I say to myself, Maktub!!

So, does it mean that we should not do our duty and leave things in the hands of Fate?
Does it mean that we stop taking risks and let life roll, as we don’t care?
Does it mean that we don’t show our objections and silently accept things?

The answer is No.
If God wanted all of us to suffer, then there wouldn’t had been Kindness, Humanity, Care, Love around us. We would had been surrounded by Jealousy, Hatred, Anger, Ego.

God wants us to appreciate the Moments of Happiness and pleasure and Joy(this is the reason behind the sadness, failure and suffering given by God) and wants us to share it with our near and dear ones. The duration of Happiness is not in our hands but the amount of Joy and Satisfaction which we feel from the Happiness is in our hands and if we make sure that we enjoy every bit of Happy moments, then we can always lead a wonderful life.

So, back to the questions?
If everything is written, why should I care to change it? And will it change things?

I think, that God is KIND to every living being, so once in life he gives us an option and its already written in our fate, that WHATEVER S/HE WISHES MUST HAPPEN. And, if we had lose hope before that moment arrives, then that’s the biggest mistake of our life. We all get just one life to live and we should keep trying because once in everyone’s life, this MOMENT of OWN WISH comes and that’s when if we make good choice, we are blessed for Life orelse otherwise.

So keep trying and let the lamp of Hope burn till eternity 🙂

Stay Blessed,