Sometimes, lying is good for health!!

We all lie in our lives at some point or the other.

But the consequences we face for lying are different, depending on the situations we lie.

If we lie for ourself, then we are at the receiving end of the cursed words, gouged eyes of others, shaking heads of dear ones, probably like we’re the black sheep of the family..

But if we lie for others, even though it just brings happiness to them for 1 second or 1 single moment then our lie is worth it and we get praised for what we did. Some also think that it was needed to be done & we did what was needed to be done. It’s quiet strange that if we lie for ourselves then there is no worst living being on Earth than us, but if we do it for others then we are the Best living being.. Strange world..

Sometimes the truth we hear are lies. Complex world, ain’t it?? The truth we hear from others,sometimes might be the lies they heard from some different others. So its a truth but ultimately a lie. So, it’s difficult to know what is lie & what is truth. It all comes down to the person who tells it. If we trust him, then no matter what they say, most of it will be truth and vice-versa.

There are some people(and yes I admit that I have come across them in my small lifetime), that they don’t care that you lied for a good purpose and may be cut you some slack because praising for doing a good/brave job is none of their concern. Instead, they hold on to the thought that you lied to them, no matter what the circumstance be, and then they always keep on reminding you about it and make you feel as if they have an upper hand with you, but they are wrong. They never did the right thing, which is make others happy or atleast try to make others happy by doing something not doable or lying for the sake of happiness of others.

There are also some people who think that it’s lying, if we don’t tell the truth. But, technically we just didn’t tell anything so I don’t know what will we call this except “unshared information” because we didn’t give an untruthful answer to the question. The fact is that the question was never asked and yet, we lied. Seriously, people and how they try to point fingers when things aren’t going their way.

I sometimes get confused about what is truth/lie but then I leave it on time & let time unfold it for me. But, we all need Hope & intuition & that leap of faith to move forward in life. So, we can also sometimes think that not all we heard was truth & then try to think those things as truth which are beneficial to us & discard the remaining.
Keep lying for the good cause,

I am Faulty!!

Everyone has faults in them, no matter they accept or not.. Same is with me!! I am made of so many faults yet still I am happy because these faults and incompleteness is what makes me complete and who I am today.

I am faulty to many people in my life.

-> I am faulty to my parents for not giving all the share of love which they expected and wanted in return for the awesome childhood they provided. They provided me with everything even before I knew about the existence of those things. I should pay more attention to them.

-> I am faulty to my sisters for not talking to them as much I should. We may have some conflicts and then thought that silence is the best way to move but nope that was not and we wasted so many days and months. If we could had spend those time together we could have always had great memories to cherish. Still we can have a great time together always as we share the same blood.

-> I am faulty to all my teachers, guides and gurus who shared their knowledge with me and helped me be wise. I always forget to give them their proper credit and try my best to extend those learning’s to keep their knowledge alive in this world. Still I am not able to meet them as frequently as I should, or not able to talk to them also. Very bad!! Still, they are the ones who poured innocence in me and whispered to me to Hold onto it for a better life.

-> Now this one’s long.. I am faulty to a large group of friends of mine. I have very limited friends but they are so near and dear that they fill every place in my heart and my life by their mere presence. I have a group of Gujurati friends, College friends, Office friends, other childhood friends. I am faulty to each and everyone of them for not being able to talk much and share every bit of joke and laugh I can with them. I am not much a talkative guy so long calls are mostly avoided, but I am textually active always and I feel sorry to not to be able to talk to all of them always.

-> I am faulty to my colleagues for not being able to know them more closely. For having a formal relationship with them even though the knowledge sharing has always been good with all. Still I am faulty for being the shy guy, the way I am. Still we can always improve the way we see life.

-> I am faulty to all my relatives. Yes most of the times we are not near and phone is the medium with which we talk and stay connected and as I said I am not a big call lover so I try to avoid those and still I wish, I could have talked the last time and will definitely talk the next time. Hopefully, the next time comes soon 😉 Thank you though for showering your love always and you are deeply appreciated in my heart.

-> I am faulty to my girlfriend for all the promises I kept on giving but was unable to keep. For both the good and the bad times we shared. Wish we could had hanged out more time and gone for 1 more extra movie. I am also faulty to my gf’s parents and family for may be letting their hopes high on me and then destroying all their hopes all-together. Its Life. Shit happens!!

-> I am faulty to all the festivals. India and festivities are like synonyms and still I don’t feel enthusiastic for all the festivals celebrated in India and C’mon I can do better. I love dancing so some dance in all festivals will make me less faulty, more healthy and most happy 😀

-> I am faulty for all those insecure moments and bad memories I gave you(anyone and everyone) and wish they could be just erased from your mind forever.

-> I am faulty to spend so many hours and days in doing the things I love i.e reading novels, football, blogging and watching english TV series. I will never regret these Hobbies and will always hope to nourish it more 😉 Never faulty here heartly!! Wrote this because many of my friends and my mother thinks its all a waste 😀

I know with the passage of time, this list will always keep on getting long,which should not happen, but still I know it will and hopefully the list of all the good times and happy times will grow more steeply to compensate this list.

If the amount of happiness you share is greater than the amount of negativity, then I assure you my friend, you will always have a good night’s sleep.

Lastly, Time will tell whether I will be faulty or not for writing this blog.. 😀

– Darshith.