Sincere hatred

Its difficult always

To make ends meet

And the success

Is also not guaranteed

But still we try

So that we feel okay

For trying

But once we lose

Interest in that thing

Then the try factor

Also evaporates

And NOT-trying makes

Us feel good now

We let it go

The actions related

To the thing doesn’t

Make us feel anything anymore

Or change our

Sincere hatred

Towards it

We just want to get

Rid of it asap

Bid it farewell

In the most respectable way

We can try

That things remain good

But if things turn

Out to be bad

Then also it doesn’t

Make much of a difference

Because we have

Decided from within

That time is nigh

To move ahead now

Reality can’t give me

Anymore good things to enjoy

At the present place

So time to move on

And feel the sense of

Freedom and sense of

Starting something new again

From scratch but hopes are

High indeed

Thanks to the sincere hatred


P.S.: Weekend is marching towards us at a gradual speed and let’s be ready to bid farewell to another week with the song Strangers in the night of Frank Sinatra 😀