Digesting mistakes!!

Nobody is perfect. And please don’t mum in your mind that “I AM NOBODY!!” 😀

But its so true. We all consider ourselves as perfect, even me too.

So, lets cut to the chase 😉

If a friend of mine makes a mistake(I ain’t sure whether it will counted as a mistake also :D) of like talking to my GF in facebook and not informing me, then that’s the end of our friendship and from now on he’s my arch-enemy.
But, if I talk to the GF of my friend and don’t inform then I just forgot(intentionally) and still it was the mistake of my friend for taking such a small thing seriously. I have no fault in this.

When we see a situation, we see it from our point’s of view. When we want other’s to see a situation, in that also we want them to see it from our angle. Cmon, where’s the justice in it??

So, please my dear friends, start digesting the mistakes of others also as easily you digest your own.
Try to see a reflection of yourself in others and your digestion will definitely be smooth and there will be no need of any meds for that.

Forgiveness is quite different but yes its related. Name is unimportant, rather the Deed is important. And by doing the right deed, you’re setting yourself free from taking yourself to a higher level.

Happy Digestion,
Darshith 😛