Those good old days

I miss those days
When I used to write daily
Well, almost daily
Last year I wrote 284 posts
And may be 32 must be reblogs
And 2 were guest posts
So 250 were written by me
Woah, that’s huge for me
And I miss those days
Because this year has been different
Because I have been writing limited
Due to office work and other stuff
But I miss publishing thoughts
Which I write regularly in my phone
But I am not getting time to edit them
And publish them
They are all in my drafts and
I hope I can publish them soon
I feel as if time is less
Or maybe because I am sleeping more
Like 7-8 hrs daily 😦
I hate sleeping that much
I love 5-6 hrs of sleep and
Use that 2 hrs for stuff
Which I love doing
So hopefully I can be the same old boy
Who sleeps a bit less
And then I can post more
And try to reach somewhere near to
200+ posts this year
And there are still almost 10 months remaining
And a long way to go
And this is how I rant
In a free-verse style
So you people won’t be bored(hopefully)
And would like/comment/share it 😀


P.S.: Happy weekend and keep smiling and I will be back soon (read sooner) 😉 Today’s pick of song is Remember the name of Fort Minor ❤


Feel alive..


Happiness is something that we decide ourselves. There are a lot of reasons to be unhappy, but we choose to be happy because it makes us feel alive.

Happy Teachers day to everyone. We all keep on learning till the end. During death, we learn to die, permanently. See, that’s also learning. If you are willing to learn and gain, then Life can be a wonderful teacher.

P.S. : Let’s Welcome the happiness & positivism in our lives. Today’s song Welcome of Fort Minor.