Bhaag Milkha Bhaag!

To be true, I haven’t seen that movie nor I know what’s the status of “Milind Soman” as he runs from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, which is almost 570 km. What a guy he is! And what a guy I am, who could hardly finish 5k run(for the first time)! Yeah, you heard it right. I ran 5k this last Sunday and it was total fun.

It’s said that we have to start things for the first time, sooner or later. And so I started, started running. Sometimes from work to home at 8 PM, sometimes running around the new flat I live in with my friends, just to practice for the 5k run(the Main event).

On the event day, we left at 4:45 AM in our bikes and it was cold out there. What I love about Bangalore is its weather(mind you, this is one of the many reasons of loving this city). We lost path for a while but found one another soon and continued our journey to the event place.

On reaching, I had an expression of a big ‘O’ seeing so many participants and also seeing the Brigade Orchards(what a place it is). We warmed up. 4 teams(each team comprising of 4 members) had participated from Flutura(my new company).

2 months flashback, I left my old job and now I am at a new city, new company and without a cell phone(Unfortunately, I lost my phone and fortunately, I am away from WhatsApp and all the unnecessary chats).

Back again to present, I will buy a new phone soon, so wasting time is again going to be the headlines of my life 😀

Just so you know, I am not going to talk about the 5k run because it took me 35:55 mins to finish it. I think next time will be better 😉

I met some cool people there. The person who finished the race first was from France. He finished the race in 19:42. We danced on the latest beats and also did Zumba. It was fun and fun days are back again(Ache din!).

All I would like to share is KEEP RUNNING, if tired, KEEP WALKING but DON’T STOP. Progress is important(remember the tortoise & rabbit story).

Feel free to share some of your fun moments and let us all know about it.

Some of the pics are below.

Runners for life
Paresh(colleague) riding a mechanical bull. I rode too, but the bull had the better of me in less than a second so no pics of me with Mr. Bull 😀
Enter a caption
Victory moment with mates
“Cool” *Mikesh’s tone* #permanentRoommates



P.S.: Today’s song pick is Don’t you need somebody of RedOne. Happy August and keep smiling.


What a story!


Our stories are being written

By Us

By others

Sometimes happy

Sometimes sad

Sometimes boring

Sometimes full of fun

Sometimes flowing

Sometimes stagnant

Sometimes we are the Protagonist

Sometimes we are the sidekick

Sometimes a bed of roses

Sometimes a path of thorns

Sometimes bright throughout

Sometimes pitch dark always

Sometimes abrupt ending

Sometimes it starts with the end

Sometimes no prologue

Sometimes no epilogue

Sometimes no words

Mostly one cover image to tell the story

With no nothing written inside

Words deceive

Actions don’t

Images are based on actions

Hence it makes perfect sense

And brings tear to the reader’s eyes

What a story!

What a man!

Wish we could have some more of him

RIP Packed Sunday!!

I knew a long day was ahead and it turned out to be true. My weekends are far more busy than the weekdays.

Woke late because I was watching Homeland s02 late night yesterday. Went for haircut and this present haircut is not that good and I am not liking it 😦 but my Mother is assuring me that my hairs are gonna grow big by Wednesday, but she failed to mention which Wednesday 😀

After that, went to give “Boys over flowers” series to a friend. Then after getting fresh, went to do a noble job. Donated blood for the 4th time in life. It was good and joined as a member of the Angel’s organisation who was organising the blood camp. They are a bunch of great people who do many social services far more often.


Today was also the marriage of a friend’s sister. Went their travelling 30km. It was a great time spent with him & other friends together. While handing the gift to the Bride, I mistakenly, I repeat wrongly, wished ‘Happy Anniversary!!’ 😀 and the expression on the face of the Groom was like ‘What? Are you sane, Brother!! We just got married 3 hours ago’ and it was a facepalm moment and all I could utter was ‘Camera nervousness’ 😀 Wow, now can I BE more unmindful 😉

At the back of all this India lost the match to Australia in cricket, but gave a good fight. So happy with the contest.
Travelled back home. Now infront of TV, watching a much awaited match between Manchester City & Arsenal. At half time the score is 0-1. Gunners leading, thanks to Cazorla’s corner and now they lead against the last year’s champions.

12 hours of packed schedule on a sunday 😉 I didn’t get much chance to read Pride & Prejudice also.

After the match, Carrie & Brody of Homeland will be started. And after all, getting ready to face the monday blues and hope for a good week ahead. I am sure next weekend will also be same packed as this one.

Happy week ahead,

Insomnia of 31st night!!

Insomnia is a disease with which most people suffer. We take credit for it( I for sure do) but many believe in criticizing it and suppressing it and follow “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy & wise.”
I sleep so very less and try to make this less time more less by keeping myself engaged doing some stuff or the other. My hobbies help me achieving this goal.
On 31st night I didn’t sleep the whole night as I was partying with my cousins & friends and had a really awesome start to 2015!! Slept @7am and due to less sleep and varied hours of sleep puked whole day but never felt like taking rest.
I knew within that this was just due to lack of some sleep and it will wither and get better and so it did. Now I am again having fun with friends and enjoying this new year with vacations going on.

Come Monday and it will be again back to daily schedule of ‘morning->office->dinner->me-time->sleep’
Acquainted, but can always cherish an unknown factor of surprise hangout or party once in a while.

How was your start to the 2015? Did you keep any resolutions? I for sure haven’t 😉
We celebrate 31st night because we are happy that we were able to endure the whole of last year no matter what situations we faced.. Or because we want to welcome the coming year with a bang and want this new year to bring good and happy news always.. Or maybe BOTH!!

Happy 2015,

Looping relationships!!

Same persons.. Same question.. But different answers.. Over a span of time..

A boy has crush on a girl and starts talking in WhatsApp. So here goes the conversation–

Boy: Hi, how was ur day?
Girl: Hey, ok!!

Boy: Hello, how was your dayyy??
Girl: Hiee, yes today was good.

Boy: Heyya, how was ur day??
Girl: Hi Dear, yes the day was grrreatt.. went for shopping!!

Now, they are kinda in a relationship.. so the days again start from 1… Names are changed from Boy to BF & Girl to GF.. No description needed right? 😛

BF: Hey sweeto, how was ur day Baby? Missed me??
GF: Hi Jaan, yes today was really awesome!! Yes missed you but I know you missed me more 😛 had fun with office colleagues. They are so funny and always gets cold drinks and chips for me when we go to watch movies 😉

BF: Hello Dear, How was your sweet day?
GF: Hi Baby, yes today you say how was your day first??(Just for formality :D) Cause mine was not that good. Had a fight with my BFF and won’t ever talk to her again. Please call me naa now, wanna talk to someone.

BF: How was your day?
GF: Yeah same old. Went outside with friends. You still watching football?

BF: Hey..
GF: Had a very bad day today. Now with relatives. Will talk later.

BF: Do you EVER sincerely want to know how was MY day?
GF: Yes Baby, I always want to know. Leave all this, tell me How are you? How was your day? You OK?

GF: Hey, how was ur day?
Boy: Yes ok. Please dont message me anymore!!

And then again, the Day starts from 1(that too twice) and names are also changed, but yes the characters are a bit shuffled and others new characters also keep on getting added 😀
*This conversation is not purely imaginary, and resemblance to any fact or person is intentional.

Diwali is here. Where is Humanism??

A very Happy Cracking Diwali to all.

We Indians have so many festivals to look forward to every year. And then in a blink of an eye a year passes and the same festival has come again.
Diwali, the festival of crackers, fire and rejoice of return of Shri Ram to Ayodhya after 14 years of Exile, is the most celebrated festival in India.

Now what is celebration?? I am not trying to restrict your definition of Celebration here. But I am trying to share my definition of Celebration.
Lighting crackers once in a year is good and Okay. It adds a new way of enjoyment in life. But most importantly, celebrating Diwali in a safe manner is a must. Ensuring that we have fun during the festival and don’t take away the fun of “Others” also. Here the “Others” also include The Earth. We have to see to it that we don’t pollute this beautiful environment much in just this 1 day. We should not only think about ourselves, but also about the next generations and how they can preserve our Earth.

The Existence of Earth = The Existence of Us.

The most important thing is to play it safe. There can be many accidental incidents and fires and damages. So, some precaution can keep us happy for a long time.
Fire crackers and rejoice, cause that’s what Diwali stands for but with those who can’t afford buying them. And also in limited numbers and not the whole night, that it may cause trouble to the ones living in our neighborhood.Happy Diwali!!

Safe Diwali = Happy Diwali.

Warm Wishes,
Darshith 🙂

Happy days are here again!!(Navratri aa gayi)

If you’re a Gujju, then you are definitely on Cloud Nine now.

Why? Because the days of dancing are here i.e. The Navratri.

We all worship one God or the other. We have so many festivals of Janmastami and Ganesh Puja and Shivratri, in the names of all the known Gods. Similarly, Navratri is celebrated for Durga Maa and her different forms. She takes various forms in each nine days of Navratri to save her devotees from the evils.

Its celebrated every year and this year will not be any different.

I am a resident of Cuttack and we celebrate it at Gujurati school there. We play Garba and Dandia for 3 hours each day and hymn in the name of our Gods.

dandia sticks

We make a sculpture of Durga Maa with the Tiger and play Garba infront of her. The below is the pic of this year’s sculpture.

Durga Maa Sculpture.
Durga Maa Sculpture.

We all Gujjus get together for these 9 days and have a lot of Fun.
Durga-Asthami(8th day) is the biggest and most celebrated day.

So, guys put on your dancing shoes and the field is calling you.

Happy Navratri,

Morning shows the day!!

It was a “GOOD MORNING” today, rather than just MORNING!!
The Sun, has stayed hidden behind the clouds for quite some days and it was pouring rain in the morning.

Rainy morning!
Rainy morning!

Some of my colleagues are great fans of Football and follow the sport. They play football every Saturday morning. But today was different, cause I had geared up myself to go and play the sport with them. You can easily say that I am a novice in playing Football, as I have just been an audience to the Game. But, today I got to know the feeling of a player. The reflexes, the rush of impulse, the expectations within teammates to perform well. All of these packed in the moment.

The field we played, was not so huge but the passion within us to net the ball was immense. As it was raining heavily, there was mud all around and I should say that I fell the most number of times(6) on the field. I got to learn many new tactics from my colleagues of how to kick the ball longer and dribble. And yes, I headed the ball 3 times today! Yes, I am proud of that. The blackness that heading a football creates was new to me, which thankfully stayed for less than 2 seconds.

So, you must be guessing about the end scores, but it was 0-0, because both the Goalies were the stars and saved many attempts. And, the defense was also good. As it was just a friendly match within ourselves, I got to play as Forward, Defender and Goalie also 😀

Irrespective of the result of the game, the best thing is we enjoyed the rain, the game, the company of one another and the spirit of Doing Better!

FIFA WC 2014 has seriously has done something good for me. And I hope that Indian Super League(ISL) also does good for Football in India and helps India achieve greats heights.

Lets Football.
Lets Football.

Hoping for more Good Mornings like today and lets see what the rest of the day has in store for me.

See you on the field,