Recently I shared some quotes of life based on the game of Chess.
So I think the title of this post is apt. But definitely you’re allowed to have a different perception.

I waited for her
To send me “HI”
She never wanted
Me to say goodbye
But things were stuck
Words were unspoken
Feelings drying up
Thoughts were shaken
She didn’t wanted to admit
That she did care
But I wanted her
To admit it all to me
And never she did
And never did I ask twice
And now it’s all
Like stalemate
No one’s taking risks
Waiting for the other
To take a wrong step
But we also know
That the other won’t
Take any step
So let’s shake hands
And let the stalemate
Be forgiven
And the pawns, queen
& king & knight
Return to the same box
Just like ego, hatred, love
& likeness return to as it was
And keep the fucking
Box  of pieces away
To fade away delusionally
With time


P.S. : Bad time of Grand Funk Railroad 😉 I love this song 😛 Where is weekend? 😀