I wonder what you wonder..

I wonder

What you wonder

When you are traveling

Back home

Looking out of the window

Thinking what not

About life and relations

And forgivesness and God

I want you to tell me all

What you feel

What you think

What you want

What you need

I want to sit

By your side

And travel

To your destination

I want to be

By your side

And share your journey

I don’t want to talk

While we are traveling

Just sit by your side

And letting you

Do what you want to do

Not interrupting

Your train of thoughts

Your gaze at the beauty of nature

The presence of peace

Reflecting on your cheeks

Just want to gaze at you

And just when you realize

I have been staring

Long enough

And you turn your head to me

I will look

At my phone

And act as if

I don’t know

Who the hell

Is sitting by my side

And play games

And I know you will

Turn away asap

Because you hate people

Playing games in phones

And then again

I will do what I like doing

Staring at you

When you are busy

Staring outside window

Crush after use!!

We all are like bottles,

filled with drinks of some kind or another,

and we are bought by people with their flattery words and false hopes,

just like a bottle is bought for some bucks.

No one has any use of the bottle, but what’s inside the bottle.

And, once the filling is empty, you’re thrown,

just remember CRUSH AFTER USE!!

So, either fill yourself with the drink as much as you can,

or free yourself with the people who buy you just for the drink.

P.S.: Try not to end up in a gutter, without even the cap.