Day with Daryl & Glenn & ……

My childhood – Boring
Trust me, very boring
According to many
But according to me
Limited friends
Unlimited fun
Awesome siblings
Fighting all day long
I ain’t a TV guy
So watching cartoons was less
I used to love Teletubbies though
And no comics too
I sometimes wonder what was I doing
When I was a kid
But now I am grown
And read THE WALKING DEAD comic
The one and only comics
I have read till now
I love Daryl and Glenn in it
I watched the series first
And then started the comic
Both are awesome
If given a chance to spend
A whole day with Daryl
I would learn arching
And riding the awesome bike
Keeping the toothpick
In the mouth and talking
Being nasty bad ass guy
Who speaks less(reality for me)
But the impact of the limited
Words uttered is unlimited
Determined and hence would talk
To him and have good food
And especially desserts
And then together we will go
To meet Glenn and after that
I will bid adieu Glenn & Daryl
To meet my favorite character
And that’s Maggie
All the above were lies
Who can you love when there’s
Maggie in it
She’s cool and awesome
And I would ask her to
Betray Glenn and be with me 😀
See, my dreams and love
For fictional characters is
Also unlimited

The Walking Dead is about survival from zombies..


Zombies attack for the brain and…..

The zombie me

See the craziness 😀 what was your favorite comic/cartoon? You did anything crazy like this? 😉

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P.S.: Monday is almost here so we gotta be Rude no doubt 😀 and hence today’s song pick is Rude by Magic.