Yet another day of the trip..

Finally I am back again. Remember where we left off? Let’s rewind 😉

If you haven’t read the previous post, you can find them About the on going trip 🙂

This post was written when I was on trip to Manali and Amritsar 🙂 [During New year’s trip and don’t judge me on my level of procrastination] 😀

This post is about the good, the bad & the ugly memories of Solang valley, where we went next.

The morning started as usual with good breakfast. We had decided to go to Rohtang pass.

Solang valley was on the way to it & we decided to pay a visit there first. The place looked good when we saw ice & we all were eager to have our first encounter with ice, which was the next true reason for going on this trip, and SNOW being the first(No! Not Jon snow, silly :D). A bad news was that on talking to local people, we learned that it didn’t snow since some days 😦 But there was ice everywhere and we all played with it.


Panorama of the way to Solang valley


By we, I mean, my friends & I. There’s this photographer guy, Pandey Ji(our cameraman for most of the videos), Mr. Silent(Suku, his nickname) and an unknown guy. This post is the dedication to the braveness of this unknown guy. And then there’s me and I don’t have to mention how awesome I am 😛




Solang valley



We got TREKKING shoes on rent, similar to what we wore during our school time NCC days. We hoped that it will help us not skid on the ice & also our shoes will not be muddy from the melting ice. Thorough thinking is an art and we’re the MASTERS because in the end we’re engineers 😀

We were talking among ourselves and also clicking some pics. We also interacted with people who were walking opposite to our direction. They said there is a Shiva temple at the peak of the hill.

We decided to go up to the peak. We were also told that we will cross zero point. It’s a place where there is no sun rays and the temperature is negative for 8 months a year. It was indeed a great scenery.


After walking for 3-4 km, we reached the peak, opened our ARMY shoes because we were to enter into the Shiva temple. The floor of the temple was chill cold. We worshipped the idols and on asking came to know that Shiva linga is more 300 metres ahead and this distance is the even colder and located on a steep side.IMG_20151228_151950352


The unknown guy was injured from a fall on the ice. Minor injuries, no need to worry much. Some of us weren’t that eager for that 300m, which was full of thick, slippery ice. We could see others going ahead & trying to keep their hold on ice & walk at snail’s pace.

Pandey Ji & I started for that 300m & after walking just a few metres, we saw that the remaining gang was behind us & that was good to see & and made all of us more determined for that 300m. “We may fail but failing together has its charm”. We survived that 300m walk and I don’t want to re-live that dangerous & slippery walk. I would rather do The famous moon walk at home instead of this slippery ice walk 😛 While returning from that top after worshipping the Shiv ling, we made the below video.

My sincere request to ignore the swearing & in the coming videos I have controlled my swearings but to tell the truth, I love swearing 😀

As we said in the video, we would return in the car or the horses, that was not the case. We returned by walking. Long walk. Great walk! Nothing like Walk of shame(GOT fans can relate and I am so much usiong GOT reference) 😛

It was almost evening when we reached near the parking lot. We returned the worn out shoes and it was a great day indeed. We returned to our hotel and after dinner, we all slept like babies.

Next day was all upon us far early than ever. Pandey Ji is the early riser. He has not allowed me to sleep peacefully. I am going to make him look so bad & ugly here *evil laugh* 😀




So, did you recognise this Unknown guy? He’s awesome & helpful & hence his name, The Jugaad guy.


That stick is what made the life of The Unknown guy easier and hence, it has importance too.

No thotorugh thinking helps, even when you’re engineer because Life is bigger than everything 😀

“Life is a classroom outside of classroom.”

Rest story coming soon. Stay tuned.

Pardon my procrastination 😀