Bura na mano Holi hai

Days are considered as BEST when it is spent well with the people you love. That is how most of us define ‘Happiness’.With the days of festival nearing, the excitement and the preparations increase multiple folds. Yes! Holi is almost here and there has to be so many preparations and invitations and celebrations.

Down the memory lane is always full of smiles, friends and craziness. Holi memories are no different. One thing is sure that in other festivals we all are recognizable individually but in Holi, nope. The case is different because we all look the same like some aliens dropped from several UFOs and are crazily happy to see one another. Were we all separated in Kumbh ka Mela(a mass Hindu pilgrimage)? Maybe, yes! 😀

Holi is a national holiday so it becomes really easy for everyone to gather and share some good time together. On this day, being crazy is being normal. And we all are super normal on Holi(hope you know what I mean) 😀

We play with colors, dance to loud music and have unlimited bhang(Indian version drink which makes us HIGH and it used to be the most preferred drink of Lord Shiva). The best is the dancing to loud music because instead of it making us tired, it gives us more strength, it is full of fun and it changes the smiles to waves of laughter. It’s all we want on a holiday and among friends.

Some holidays are meant to be stayed indoors and chill. Other holidays are never meant to be stayed indoors and are to be enjoyed with family & friends & shout at the top of our voice. The famous KHAIKE PAAN BANARAS WALA song is something which is heard in every corner of the country while celebrating this holiday. “Bura na mano Holi hai” is the slogan sung by all on that day 😀

What’s mind boggling is Holi is present in HOLIday. Why? There’s no connection between them but it’s good that we can find a connection. So, if we don’t celebrate Holi then there’s no point in having HOLIdays.

Some of the previous year’s pics are below.



Miss Beauties



Bura na mano Holi hai



At office

With my friends, it’s about tearing one another’s t-shirt and playing with a bare chest. I think that’s common with guys. We all go to a nearby river(Mahanadi River) to take a bath after playing with colors.

The scorching sun was the ONE & ONLY thing which used to be the only hindrance for some of my friends and them bailing out from celebrating. But, since some years, the quality of colors has also degraded and there has been excessive addition of chemicals in the colors so now that adds to the already present hindrance.

But, all the above are just a mere hurdle to cross because being with loved ones counts above the rest. About the sun, not much can be done and hence we make sure that we play Holi within a party hall or in the parking lot of our apartment. The later is fun 😀

After playing Holi, the lunch is always plenty because it’s ordered from a temple. The food is called Abadha/Mahaprasad. And after all the enjoyment & good food, what we all crave for is sleep & we get it. 10 hours sleep is minimum since evening to next day morning 😀

Before writing this post, I was thinking that Holi is far. But now, I think that it is so near and Thursday will be here sooner and for it preparations are to be done. Let me go & call my friends and make arrangements. See you soon guys and have a safe Holi.

I have a request for all, please DO NOT forcefully color anybody. Invite them and if they deny, just go to them and put a TIKKA on their forehead(as a gentleman) or sprinkle colors on them(like a boss) and let them chase you to make things square(like a HOLIday). Also, don’t color animals because the added chemicals may cause some repercussions and causing trouble for others should never be any part of fun.

I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories atBlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.






Justify :D

There are times when you’re expecting a long day and you’re given a holiday.

Wow! What a feeling!

There are times when you’re expecting a cake walk and it turns out to a bed of thorns(no roses for us).


There are times when things get on with the flow normally. I mean nothing unusual.

The less tension because of no expectations.

The URGHHH!! feeling hurts when it’s Friday and in the evening you get allotted some new work and it needs to be completed by the end of the day itself.


Don’t this reaction justify the name of this site Smiles here & Smiles there 😀