Long way to go..

There is the end to the best days
There is also the end to the worst ones
There is end to the best bonds
And also there is end to the worst
End always comes
Not to stop things from rolling
But to start a new beginning
New chapter
New characters
New story
Previous characters
And previous stories
Are remembered by those
Who read the book
And felt connected to the words
Not by those
Who just skim-read
This ain’t rocket science
Just a reminder
To feel from your heart
To realize your actions
Have impact on others
And also shape you
Shape yourself stronger
Shape yourself confident
Shape yourself better
Make others happy
Make others feel special
We don’t have the lifetime to us
We just have some mere years
Some have months only
Better make things glow
Glow like the sun
Till they last
Feel calm in chaos
If you are good at being chaos
And making chaos
Accept yourself
And accept others
That they are different
And everything can’t turn
As your expect
Learn to adjust
Learn tolerance
Learn to ignore
Don’t give horse’s shit
To anything you don’t believe
Stick to your words
To your actions
You will shine
You will glow
Brighter than the sun
Not for all
But for those
Who knows your importance
And are ready to do anything
For your betterment
Keep smiling, my friend
Babe there’s a long way to go
Alone it’s difficult
If not that, then boring
Make friends
Make partners
And roar during the journey 🙂

Early morning view of a road in Bhubaneswar..