Free times

Free times are bitches
It brings nothing but tears
Reopens the healed injuries
Reintroduces the silent pain
Reinvents the hidden love
Rewinds the forgotten memories
Remembering it all
Gives us the chill
And how drastically
Times have changed
People have changed
I have changed
And all that is left
On the table now
Is acceptance card
With a smiley face
Attached on it
I can either take it
Or leave it
My choice
If I take it
I be at peace
Because I did
What I had to
And what she wanted me to
But if I do not take it
I did what I had to
But not what she wanted
Because she wants
Me to accept
How the things have changed
The drastic changes
And I will surely accept it
I ain’t got any other option
But will also make sure
That I don’t give much
Power to her anymore
To make me crumble
And accept the things
I don’t want to
So I will be a bit more
Cautious from next time
If there will be a next time
But still I will always
Want her to
Write in the acceptance card
Whatever she wishes to
I will read it
I will try to understand it
And do as it is written
But thinking the good
For me too
I ain’t that good anymore
My Gurl


P.S.: Sunday’s pick is Rain over me of Pitbull ft. Marc Anthony 😉 Party time 😀


tpp, tpp, tpp
tpp, tpp, tpp
tpp, tpp, tpp, tpp

With each step ahead
tpp, tpp, tpp
Sweat from the brow
tpp, tpp, tpp
Destination beyond horizon
tpp, tpp, tpp
Next level of dehydration
tpp, tpp, tpp
No one to help
tpp, tpp, tpp
Track me by the sweat trail
tpp, tpp, tpp
I may not go long
tpp, tpp, tpp
I may stumble in the next step
tpp, tpp, tpp
How did I reach here?
tpp, tpp, tpp
tpp, tpp, tpp
tpp, tpp, tpp
Oh, I am tired to move anymore
The sunburn hurts
The injuries hurt
tpp, tpp, tpp
Have been dragging my feet
Since last 6 hours
tpp, tpp, tpp
I have been free
Since the same last 6 hours
tpp, tpp, tpp
Before that
I was held
I was a hostage
tpp, tpp, tpp
I was kicked, punched
tpp, tpp, tpp
I was beaten
By a stick, rod, belt
You name it
I was tortured
Several teeth cracked
Limbs broken
tpp, tpp, tpp
But I didn’t give up
I didn’t tell them the secrets
I sacrificed my life
Life of my family
My mother, wife and son
tpp, tpp, tpp
But didn’t tell my enemies
Anything valuable
Luckily got hold of a blade
tpp, tpp, tpp
Killed 2 and in return
Got shot twice
tpp, tpp, tpp
Running towards the border
But, where is it?
tpp, tpp, tpp
I know I won’t be able
To meet anyone anymore
tpp, tpp, tpp
At least I will not die a hostage
Not as a turncloak

tpp, tpp, tpp
tpp, tpp, tpp, tpp
tpp,tpp, tpp
A herd of Eagles hovering
tpp, tpp, tpp

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At lightning speed..

“Love comes slow
And it goes so fast”
These are the lines of
Let it go by Passenger
And it is so true
Love came at the speed of
A tortoise
And left at rabbit’s pace
At lightning speed
May be it ran over me
And didn’t even care
To look and see whether
The victim is injured
Or dead
Or whatever
Just went away
Realizing that staying
Would put it in uneccessary trouble
And I am the victim
Don’t have much say in all this
So let me go
Get myself admitted
Enjoy TV and beautiful nurses
The pain of syringes in the bum
The faces of friends and relatives
Whom I haven’t met or talked to
In like eons 😀
All coming for sympathy
Due to accident
Some bothered about the rash driver
But no one could see the inside injuries
The flowers and Get-Well-Soon cards
Helped somewhat in recovering
But I am just not yet over love
The lightning speed with
Which it went and didn’t even say
Good-bye !