Life has its own way of unraveling things

Sometimes it’s instant

Sometimes it takes time

But it always comes back

To help/haunt you

Giving you heads-up

Giving you signals and omens

To understand them

And then you should pause and reconsider

If you’re in touch with your true self

You do not ignore these Universe signs

You respect it

Try to understand it

Get help to understand it

Process it

And then act on it

Because no matter our thoughts and words

Actions are the most important

Efforts implementing the thoughts and words are important

And once you act correctly

The Universe smiles at you

This World smiles at you

And the entire sky will have Maktub written all over it

And not just the sky

Your heart and life will be filled with contentment.

P.S.: Hey guys! How are you all? Today’s song pick is Pahadon Mein by Salman Elahi. I crave some good travel experience.

Happy Independence day!

We all remember the important events of our lives
The start of something new and special
The special days within those special times
And as the general rule of life
Things end and always not so swiftly
Most of the times without closure
So moving on becomes difficult
We try to give ourselves a reason
But still it might not just be the actual reason
Sometimes I wonder how can I know exactly what others thought and meant
And I loop around to reach a conclusion
That I can NEVER know what they thought
Maybe they themselves didn’t know that
Others can be confused too like us
But I have to move on
I have to accept the way things are and get started
I have to break the loop
I have to accept and forgive and understand Maktub
And Maktub it is one fine day
And it all starts to change
I feel like today’s my Independence Day
Good riddance to my holding on
Time to embrace the uncertain future
Try to converse with the Universe
Watch out for omens
And also smile a bit more
Because this is life
Maktub is life
Now is life…

P.S.: Happy November and today’s song pick is Happens to the heart by Leonard Cohen.

AtoZ challenge Day13 (M for Maktub)

Hello, my dear viewers!😉

“Smiles here & smiles there” has gone 1 level up from 1st April. I have made a YouTube channel in which I will share inspirational thoughts & other random yet relevant thoughts & also some of my personal experiences. You can subscribe to the channel @ Darshith Badiyani.

‘M’ for ‘My new avatar’ 😀

Check this video because the topic of discussion & my new avatar fits well 😛


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Maktub- It is written!!

Everytime some unexpected thing happens, I say to myself, Maktub!!

So, does it mean that we should not do our duty and leave things in the hands of Fate?
Does it mean that we stop taking risks and let life roll, as we don’t care?
Does it mean that we don’t show our objections and silently accept things?

The answer is No.
If God wanted all of us to suffer, then there wouldn’t had been Kindness, Humanity, Care, Love around us. We would had been surrounded by Jealousy, Hatred, Anger, Ego.

God wants us to appreciate the Moments of Happiness and pleasure and Joy(this is the reason behind the sadness, failure and suffering given by God) and wants us to share it with our near and dear ones. The duration of Happiness is not in our hands but the amount of Joy and Satisfaction which we feel from the Happiness is in our hands and if we make sure that we enjoy every bit of Happy moments, then we can always lead a wonderful life.

So, back to the questions?
If everything is written, why should I care to change it? And will it change things?

I think, that God is KIND to every living being, so once in life he gives us an option and its already written in our fate, that WHATEVER S/HE WISHES MUST HAPPEN. And, if we had lose hope before that moment arrives, then that’s the biggest mistake of our life. We all get just one life to live and we should keep trying because once in everyone’s life, this MOMENT of OWN WISH comes and that’s when if we make good choice, we are blessed for Life orelse otherwise.

So keep trying and let the lamp of Hope burn till eternity 🙂

Stay Blessed,