One out of many

Dumber than a donkey

Cunning than a wolf

Innocent than a kid

Beautiful than the moon

Lovely than a lotus

Ferocious than a lion

Lively than a super-market

Mournful than death

Struggling than a junior artist

Peaceful than a saint

Confused as the wind

Firm as a mountain

This is me

And my many forms

Don’t judge me by any ONE of ALL the above


P.S.: Today’s pick is Get back of The Beatles 😀

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Heavier than a mountain

Mock me

Pass comments to me

Laugh at me

Stare at me with fucking hatred in your eyes

Imagine stabbing me over and over again

Grind your teeth when you can’t digest

The simple fact

That we all are unique identities

And all your hatred and wrath

And anger and jealousy

Can’t change the way I am

All you can do the best is

Change who you are

It seems difficult but

Once you think of doing it

It becomes easy

It’s like fear

When you start running

Towards it

It runs away from you

Cowards choose death

As it is lighter than a feather

Be a hero

Choose Duty

It is heavier than 

A fucking mountain

But still you got it

In you to demolish it

With the strong infinite will power

You possess inside you

Do your duty

Move ahead

Rather, just move

And you’ll reach

Where you dreamed to reach

Someday 🙂


P.S.: Mondays 😦 Today’s pick is Why not me of Enrique Iglesias 😀