Struggling days and me..

In most of the cases, and also different times in my life, I have been there during the hard times, the struggling days. But I am never there when things settle down. When things become stable.

Similarly, I can predict that I won’t be there again to reap the fruits of my hard work. I feel like I am a person silently working as a charm, never complaining, always reliable, totally content with whatever happens with me. I am happy to be such a person but it ain’t always a beautiful picture. It ain’t always the rosy ending.

This time again, I will fade away. This time again, I will march away from the place where reward will be waiting for me. I know it’s too early and difficult to say goodbye because of the bonds and relationships that are formed. But we all, especially myself, gotta look at the bigger picture, which holds more sweeter fruit for me(I hope so) than the one I am leaving behind.

See you,

The guy readying for the new struggle ❤

P.S.: Today’s song pick is Fall by Ed Sheeran(again). I was introduced to this song by a good friend and I love it. And also, check out my new motivational video in YouTube. How’s this weekend serving you?



Reminder for every 6 months..

Writing a note to someone is tricky,

when you don’t know what the reply will be.

And this confusion increases when that someone is YOU,

yes, your ownself!!

I don’t know what is going to happen today or the day next or even the next minute,

but overall I would like to see some changes in me in future.

I would love myself to be the guy who is more sincere then,

I would love myself to be the guy who is more caring then,

I would love myself to be the guy who is more loving then,

I would love myself to be the guy who is more happy then,

I would love myself to be the guy who is more responsible then,

I would love to be my own self then,

Just like I am at this moment.

I know changes will come, as people will be added to my life,

Some may even say good bye,

but still, I will try to be the guy who shows from outside, that he’s cool, understanding, awesome,

But still inside he thinks, all night, deep thoughts always running in his neurons,

But try to be always in touch with your inner self,

And try to make people smile, and spread happiness,

And if you’re few of all these qualities then,

You will be a winner for me!!

P.S.: Improve more in the next 6 months.. See you soon brother..

Reminding myself!!

I am difficult to understand,

I am bitter to enemies,

I am better to friends.

I am always smiling around,

Even though I am angry inside.

I am confused,

And can ask you confusing things.

All I am sure of is,

I am living, not existing,

I am joyous, I am dancing,

I am reading, I am singing,

I am full of energy,

I am helping, I am a bit selfish,

I go an extra mile to make you happy.

And now, I am reminding myself of who I am.