What’s inside matters..

Imagine a bottle
An empty bottle
How much is it worth?
Nada, zook, naught
Yeah, it’s all the same
Now how much does
A cold drink bottle cost?
Some 50-100 bucks
A perfume bottle cost?
200-300 bucks
A beer bottle cost?
Some 1k bucks
What do we conclude?
The bottle hardly matters
The inside content matters
Similarly our body hardly matters
Our soul are the main catch
Don’t bond just looking at the bottle
You would end up getting
Nada, zook, naught
Bond with the liquid
And you will have the
Most precious people
By your side 🙂

P.S.: I had read about a similar topic somewhere, some years ago and can’t remember properly. So, its totally ain’t my idea. But, don’t we all derive relatable things from what we read and feel and hear and make our own version.

Hope you all are well and having fun and making plans of the coming weekend 😉

Blank Mind- Not an actual post!!

Sometimes it just so happen that you are out there in the crowd among so many strangers and just looking at them and the surrounding creates so many ideas in your mind that you wish for time to stop so that you can pen down what all thoughts are rushing in your mind and then let the world know about what you felt. But, time never stops and you are just left with may be 5% of all the ideas you had when you reach home and sit down in front of your laptop.

There are some times, when you deliberately sit in front of your laptop and decide that you won’t watch any video or read any PDFs and you will just open up your text-editor and let your wingers be a medium to write the things which are going in your mind, but NADA!! At such times, there comes no particular interesting thoughts and all you are left with is some video and watch it snugging inside the blanket and keep the laptop away so that your hands won’t reach it because you’re sure that no good idea is coming to you.

Such is the time for me now. I am in a train. Travelling. Saw 2 movies during the journey, but wanted to write something but God help me, no good thoughts are popping up so I thought why not just write about this only.

Do you also face such a situation?
Are you always filled with ideas?? Or sometimes you feel like your mind is on strike and from that moment onwards it’s not going to generate any new ideas for you??

But I know eventually my mind will make truce with me and help me write something or the other and give me good thoughts to write about.

Keep thinking,