We all are very social in this big, yet small world of ours. We talk face to face, in phones, chats and signs also.

Whenever we do something wrong, then we feel that it was not that bad and others should understand why we did it that way. And we start trying to prove others that yes we were partially correct.
And when others do something wrong, then we judge them and try to make that person feel worse for just a mere mistake. We use WRONG words while addressing them like BLUNDER, MISTAKE..

I don’t like making the other person feel small/sad/guilty/timid when s/he does something wrong. Yes, I like to talk about it and make sure that it isn’t repeated in the future, but instead of
using the above CURSED words, I use a negation before the positive words. Like

I think that using such phrases makes the person feel good and make them understand the wrong ill-doing they did and makes them inspired to make the right thing faster and easily rather than when we
use incorrect words and depress the person.

Its said that the small changes show big results. I believe that talking in such a way not only makes our tone pleasurable but also inspires other to see others mistake as their own and rather than
downing the confidence of others, work on it to build the confidence of others, which will indirectly lead you to a higher peace and satisfaction level. Using negation is optional and not using negation is satisfactory.

I believe in small changes-big difference method. Hopefully it can do some good in this big world.

Stay hopeful,