As of now..

If you’re a daughter or a son, then please read along.

I won’t boast myself as a good, obedient son of my parents. Why I say this is because I have not lived my life as they wanted. I have spoken back to them. I have tried to make them see my point of view even though my view was hazy & blurred. I have disappointed them as a whole.

I have scored bad reputation points in the main phases of life. But, I have made sure that I score good reputation points in normal/ordinary scenarios.

I would proudly say that my parents have imparted good knowledge & behavior into me. Yes, I am proud of that! But I haven’t learned ALL of those from them. I have learned some of those from books, from my friends, and from the parents of my friends.

I love to learn. I love to see life in every tiny situation. My mother(Mumma) & I have a custom of going to a temple walking once in a while. That temple is 7 km away from our home. We walk to the temple & chant God’s name during the walk. FYI, I loved the movie ‘The Walk‘ & it helped me make vlogs for AtoZ challenge. Check them on my new YouTube channel, Darshith Badiyani(I know I gotta name it something relatable. but for now, this is all I got).

Some background knowledge would be appreciated by all. So, about Mumma, she is a typical Indian lady. She’s obedient to her husband and makes sure her kids are independent & well fed & well learned. She has taught numerous lessons to 3 of us(my sisters & me).

Mumma was a victim of domestic violence. To know more, read Fist fight. I hope it has stopped but then anger is something, which can invade our happy space within a jiffy.

Whenever I see my mother, I remember a quote, ‘This world has not turned bad because of the rising of the bad people but because of the silence of the good people.’

I always try to make Mumma realize this that she has to speak up. She remains silent in scenarios where she should speak, where she should shout, where she should wake everybody up with her shrieks. Yet she chooses to remain silent. She still does the same. I feel bad. I feel vulnerable. But, then I think of how she feels & I feel numb.

So, back to the present. Some weather updates, okay? There is a high alert in Orissa of a cyclone. So the weather remains unpredictable and classy. We were on the way to the temple, walking.

The uncertain weather showed it’s true face(winds blowing, trees doing the to-&-fro dance violently) & Mumma holds my arm. I was shocked. More shocked by the fact that Mumma was holding my arm with both her hands. I could sense her fear. I could feel her tremble. Truly speaking, I haven’t held the arm/hand of any girl publicly, even though I had a girlfriend once. So, this new public attachment was something new & alien to me.

I held Mumma’s hands. We walked ahead chanting God’s name. I felt confident to make her feel calm. I was scared, yes, but I had to act as if I was in control so that she can feel okay and seeing her feel okay, I can feel okay too. So, I knew this is a trick. A game played by nature to make me aware of how fearful my Mumma’s heart is. She’s yet vulnerable. But then we(all 3 of us) have to support her.

That walk was crucial to me. I learned things. I was chanting but my mind was wandering to the range of emotions we feel. Some emotions make a permanent place within us. We feel it & it feels us too. It becomes a parasite. It feeds on us. It becomes powerful each time the host feels it.


I knew all this but that walk made me feel it. I can’t describe how confusing & wonderful thing life is. It all depends on us how and what we make of it.

Right now, my life is all chaos but then I am ready to face anything & everything that comes along. I may fail, but I would have tried. I would have given my best.

My opinions & thoughts might change/evolve with the passage of time but this post is what I feel & know as of now.


Yet another #BlindRide

And finally the plans were implemented…

Just for clarity, many words will be used which may be known to you but for understanding the exact reference, please read The Blind Ride (where it all began)..

So, let’s start..

The last #BlindRide was unique in a sense that we had 2 more friends then. But this time around those 2 friends weren’t able to join us. We missed them dearly and once they are back, you guys can hope for another #BlindRide post 😛

We so dearly wanted a #BlindRide because the work was getting hectic and there was not much fun lately and hence we decided to have it last Friday. Unlike previous time, Friday was good because if it had been a Thursday then definitely we all would had been in much trouble.

Friday night, we went to a great restaurant to start off our awesome weekend with good food and the food was delicious and we were also joined by another dear friend. The dessert there was MIND BLOWING, lip smacking 😀


Then we went to a friend’s place because this time around there was a twist. We decided to go the same beach as the last #BlindRide but during sunrise time 😉

So to reach there as it takes around 2 hours so we thought that 3 am will be the suitable time to leave and march towards the awesome destination 🙂

We all shared some jokes at the friend’s place and it was 3:41 am when we left 😀 Of course, we were running late but what mattered the most was that we were together and we were working on the plans and not just talking shit 😉

Last time it was summer and we enjoyed that #BlindRide with our shorts on and had a lot of fun at the beach too. But this time it was totally different scenario 😛

It was so cold that we all had our jeans and shirts on along with the jackets too. Still the cold was immense. The beginning was difficult as it is always in every case of life. The chilly wind and cold made us doubt our thoughts of not opting to go in car and taking our bikes. The option of car would had been easy for us and all the same awesome but we went with the #BlindRide

We decided to go not more than 40 kmph as traveling with more speed lead to tears from eyes and shivers and shattering of teeth 😀 but as we were late so we had to go fast too or else the watching the beautiful sunrise would not had been possible. So, we went fast.

Then a friend said, “The words of a song really fits our situation” and on asking “Which song?”, he sang, “I have become so numb” *on the top of his voice* 😀
We stopped in between for some tea so as to freshen up & wake up the sleepy legs and shoo ourselves of the cold from our body.


We made a stop at this exact spot in the last #BlindRide and some of us had a beer or two then 😉 this time we all were teetotalers 😛
Slowly the dark black sky(I can’t say pitch black as the stars were seeming to smile above us) started to get blue and we realized that dawn is upon us. And we were more 30 km away and we were late for the occasion 😦

We geared up for a faster show and the competition was on. Just as we gathered speed, the road ahead of us seemed blocked. We were confused to see a herd of cows walking. They were like 100+ cows. The milkman taking them to the place where they can milk them but they were all on the road and all we could do was go at snail’s pace 😦

Then once we were able to cross then we went at top speed. 15 km to go and the sky was white and then some geography thing stuck me.

I had a great geography teacher. She used to teach us in such simple yet awesome manner and most of the stuff was remembered by us. And see it helped. God bless her. She had taught that the sun rays brighten the sky but the sun is visible minutes after that. She had said that there is a gap of 18 degrees between the sun rays and the arrival of sun.

I said to my friends that we have to use these 18 degrees to our advantage and reach the beach. Sounds like a foolproof plan to kill the terrorists and be the hero, right? 😀

And the universe never seems to keep shocking us. When we reached the beach, we were like, WHAT?!

We had planned that like last time, we will bath and run kind of naked on the beach but C’mon, there were people every where. Like 200+ people. Universe and it’s vicious games 😉

Unfortunately from Saturday some local festival started which had something related to watching the sun rise for good luck and future. Good for us, that we saw the sun rise and that was awesome but then we had to sacrifice some of our plans too 😛

And finally the sun rose and what a scene it was. It’s not that first time, I was seeing a sunrise but on the beach, it was the first time.


We had an awesome time together. Clicked some pics and had some coconut water. It’s the purest form of natural water is what I learned from a friend 😉

From then we went to Konark temple. It’s also called as Sun temple and it’s said that the first rays of a rising sun falls on this temple. It was the first time again that I had visited that temple in the morning half so it was awesome.

It’s so good that people believe in a higher power and see that power in idols and sun and cows. People need something to place their thoughts on. Knowing that whether it’s actually true or not is of less importance. Believing in a higher power is awesome. We all got rights to think whatever is best for us and hence our own individual beliefs.(these are the views of a Hindu and someone who is a confused atheist)

There we clicked some images  and then we headed towards a resort where we had to attend a party for the day.
So you can say that it was a super weekend 😛

On attending the party, while returning on Saturday night it was cold again. We chose a new route for the return #BlindRide and were hr early and safe by 10:30 pm. The main reason behind our early return was the El Classico match between Real Madrid & Barcelona grin emoticon and what a match and what a result wink emoticon Barcelona won t:P
You think I saw the match? I did till 60th minute and then I was in the dreamland grin emoticon

Hadn’t slept the whole of Friday night and Saturday and so sleep was necessary and Barcelona were 3-0 up so what else can give me a good night’s sleep 😀

This is just portion of the awesome day we had. Hopefully y’all also have good times ahead.

One of my friend suggested to name this ride as the #RiseRide. Which name suits best as per you? The #BlindRide or the #RiseRide? Let me know your thoughts and your recent related experiences of holidays and cool weekends 😉

P.S.: The name #BlindRide was termed by my friend who will leave the company where we work and just 10 more days he’s here with us. Good luck to him for his future endeavors. He definitely have helped me and also helped us all in WP by giving us a good thing to share and discuss 🙂

It’s said that ‘Friends who travel together, stay together’. It’s time to declare that we are awesome can definitely stay together and go to unlimited #BlindRides together wink emoticon It’s something which binds us together 🙂

You can check the song here Numb of Linkin Park

Also check out other songs like Steal my girl of One Direction 😉

Encouraging Thunder Award & StarLight award..

I remember the song Numb/Encore of Jay-Z/Linkin Park while writing this post.

Just the first few lines. And this is how it goes,



This is dedicated to Shweta & Kritika, who have nominated me for Encouraging Thunder award & StarLight award respectively 🙂

They are very dedicated bloggers with awesome posts, so go sneak a peak 😀


Purpose of blogging : When I started this website, I didn’t had any particular motive or direction in which I wanted to go ahead. Nor, I have now. But, yes now I have good friends here, who appreciate whatever lil thing I am doing. I know, deep in my heart, I am making SOME difference, which is good to begin with. I was inactive(almost non-existent), but now I am loving spending more time here and reading beautiful words & posts of you all and also meeting great people is fun. I guess, that’s the purpose, knowing people’s thoughts and letting them know mine.


To tell the truth, you all are motivation to me and encourage me to write. And I am thankful for that 🙂


1. Who made you discover the starlight within you?
Ans: There are many. My cousins and my siblings.

2. What would you say is your starlight gift for others?
Ans: StarLight for others will be motivation, I guess. I can talk to you and put some sense in you with rational points, only if you will listen to me 😛 This is what I think and is not tested on anyone 😀 

3. What is your biggest dream?
Ans: I am all aimless 😀 Not following the flock is the dream. Flock may be heading towards the right direction, still, nuh-huh, I am not gonna follow them 😉

You all are nominated for both the awards. I, solely nominate YOU 😛 And, for StarLight award, the questions remains the same 😀

Happy Weekend