Be specific

Trying to keep it short
The best of thinkers
Can covey their thoughts
Either in action
Or in limited words
In today’s world
No one got time
To read long paragraphs
So cut the chase
Write what you feel
Tell what you feel
Stop playing the hide-&-seek game
Stop thinking that others got
All the time for you
Come to the point
If there is no point
Then don’t try to create one too
Be specific
Be awesome
Be caring
For others mood at least
Don’t let your negative
Vibes be contagious
Spread the positive ones you carry
And if you don’t have any
Others got it
Hold your hand
And others will come to help you
Asking for help
Ain’t a shameful act
Not asking for help
When you need
Is kind of foolish
Don’t let the learning plant
Die too early within you
Let it grow
And bear sweet fruits
What I wanted to convey
And where I have come
I should follow the rule
Forget it all
Live as you want
Let me live as I want


P.S.: Weekend is near and so are the people in our hearts 🙂 Today’s pick More than that of Backstreet boys ❤ Smiles are free and contagious. Spread them 😉

My unknown self..

My unknown self
Always wants the things
Which my known self
Don’t understand
Didn’t expected
Can’t comprehend
And always
My unknown self wins
Because I can’t control it
I don’t know
Whether it resides
In my heart
In my mind
Or my soul
But it is there
Somewhere inside
Somewhere close
Guiding me during
Bad times
And patting me
For good job done
Smiling when I help somebody
Feeling proud to be
My unknown self
But there are times
When I want to
Listen to it’s words
And can’t seem to
Find it
And I feel lost
Even though
Surrounded by crowd
I want to cry
Bang my head
Curse my unknown self
For not gracing
Me with it’s presence
I surrender
I quit
And just on the verge
Of showing the white flag
I hear a murmur
I listen intently
The murmur gains strength
May be showing anger
For my foolish behavior
Of deciding to quit
And like a volcano
It erupts
Silencing my fears
My failures
Enlightening me
With wisdom
With courage
With love
With will power
With smiles
With patience
With trying spirit
With contentment
And there’s truce
Between the known
And unknown self
Till another dire situation 😉

P.S. : Today’s song is Carnival of Rust of Poets of the Fall 🙂 I really love the ending of this song 😉

The Real You..

You never cease to

Amaze me with your beauty

Amaze me with your thoughts

Amaze me with your wisdom

Amaze me with your patience

Amaze me with your love

Amaze me with your willpower

Amaze me with your dedication

Amaze me with your good deeds

Amaze me with your opinions

Amaze me with your smile

Amaze me with your innocence

Amaze me with your naughtiness

Amaze me with your decisions

Amaze me with your adventures

Amaze me with your straight forwardness

Amaze me with your crystal soul

Amaze me with your pure heart

And the best thing is

You don’t do anything

Out of the ordinary to amaze me

You just show me THE REAL YOU !!