Change in the unchanging world..


“Change is the spice of life”

All true & apt

And we all change individually

WRT time & surrounding

But does this world change??

Or its just an illusion

A mirage which seems to be there

But it actually isn’t

The world is static

It evolves sometimes

But then again reverts

It seldom changes

And it CAN change

This whole world

When EACH individual is

Ready to change

And that’s just

Out of the question..

Get yourself upgraded regularly.. BTW what’s your version number?!!

Techie world

Techie me

Life is like a Play Store

Here you’ll find all kinda apps

Gaming apps

Management apps

Reader apps

Information apps

And If we think logically

These apps also have version upgrades

Internet connection is like DESIRE FOR IMPROVING

The more desire you got

The more frequently you get upgraded

You can also go through other apps

But make sure you look out for their upgrades also

Sometimes we have to help others upgrade

And doing that we upgrade ourselves

So keep on upgrading yourselves

Fix the previous issues

Add additional functionalities

Improve your UI(body structure)

Get all better and in the end

Make your known people(the end users) Happy..

My recent version is “Cheerful Learner 23.11.08”

My App name = Cheerful Learner
Latest Version = 23.11.08 (years.months.days)

What app name would you like to have, if given a chance?? And your version also..


We don’t show the real us to people,

It’s true that,

“We are open to people who are close to us”.

We build a facade around us,

Yes, this fake face,

which we show to this world,

and allow them to judge us from it.

People look at us from different situations,

and from their respective places,

they see different colors painted on this face.

They make an opinion on whichever color they see.

There are only very less people,

who TRY to find out the REAL YOU.

So, they pick up the hammer,

and bang it on this facade,

so that they can have a glimpse of the REAL YOU,

from the cracks formed on it.

These some people are the close people,

to whom you would want to pull down the facade.

Eagerness in people!!

Shall I call them two-faced or multi-faced,

Or shall I call them people with black hearts,

No matter what I call them,

They will eagerly do what they always do,

They will eagerly bitch in my name,

They will eagerly poke their ugly nose,

They will eagerly try to drag me down,

They will eagerly add pressure in my life,

They will eagerly stomp over me,

They will eagerly curb my enthusiasm,

They will eagerly confuse my thoughts,

They will eagerly stab me at back,

They will eagerly spoil my plans,

They will eagerly jinx my work,

They will eagerly pray for my bad,

They will eagerly want me surrendering,

They will eagerly want me to sweat,

They will eagerly wipe the smile off of my face,

They will eagerly hunt me down,

They will eagerly hurt me for pleasure,

And, I will eagerly deny them their eagerness!!

Today’s people are like an iceberg. Only 1/9th of their character is shown which wants to help people during troubles and the rest 8/9th is hidden and eagerly waiting to know our troubles and see us suffer!!

Small bunch of important people!!

It’s rightly said “A small bunch of people can change the world. They are OUR FRIENDS.”

Easy come, Easy go!

But this is not how it turns out to be.

People come and they never leave,

yes, distance may increase, may be sometimes universe also changes, but the quality time spent,

the laughs shared, the glasses cheered, the puff of smoke blown,

the pat during hug, the sharing of secret, the comfort of silence,

the wink while befooling, the sleepless nights, the knowledge sharing of love & spiritual matters,

the feeling of being a Wing-man, the feeling of making a wing-man,

the feeling of having them always beside us,

the feeling of feeling every feeling with them.

This is how some people leave prints in our lives.

They may leave, but they will always be with us.

Dedicated to friends & their weird ways of making things easy!!

That Phone call

-Phone call of 1 minute with just no one speaking and listening to your HELLO, HELLO, ANYONE THERE??

-Phone call of 2 minutes to give a sad news of the death of a family member.

-Phone call of 5 minutes from school principal to the parent of a naughty kid for suspension.

-Phone call of 10 minutes from sister regarding the guy she loves and wants to tell about him to parents.

-Phone call of 20 minutes with an ex so that you can call it truce and walk on to your different ways.

-Phone call of 30 minutes with parents to make is realize how much they miss their child and want to see us as it’s been aeons.

-Phone call of 40 minutes with a girl so that you can know her and make her realize how much she means to you.

-Daily phone call of 1 hour with your love partner to tell her how beautiful she looks and what all you can do and will do to make her happy and smiling. To make her realize that she make you the one who you are.

-Phone call of 2 hours from a chaddi-buddy after so long and talk about all the things you both have gone through and all seems as if you just met yesterday.

-Phone call from a stranger giving condolences for the death of your parent and making you realize that many people don’t have things which you have and you probably don’t feel oblige to value.

-Sometimes a miss call from a known number which was deleted years back can also bring a difference in your thinking and help you prioritize things and people.

It’s been always a phone call that make you rush through the traffic and go to meet that special one when they are in trouble.

I think we all always have had some of these phone calls in our lives and it makes us realize that just a phone call can make us take a new step to a new life or help us put a period to an old good life ended successfully.

We all hope that we don’t get the less durationed phone calls because those are the ones with some reality checks. But again, those phone calls open ways for you to see this world from a new perspective and march on a new road and follow your dreams. But face-to-face conversation hold the most important priority for me till date.

If one door is closed, be assured that 2 new are opened. You just have to do some hard work to find those 2 new opened doors.

I am Faulty!!

Everyone has faults in them, no matter they accept or not.. Same is with me!! I am made of so many faults yet still I am happy because these faults and incompleteness is what makes me complete and who I am today.

I am faulty to many people in my life.

-> I am faulty to my parents for not giving all the share of love which they expected and wanted in return for the awesome childhood they provided. They provided me with everything even before I knew about the existence of those things. I should pay more attention to them.

-> I am faulty to my sisters for not talking to them as much I should. We may have some conflicts and then thought that silence is the best way to move but nope that was not and we wasted so many days and months. If we could had spend those time together we could have always had great memories to cherish. Still we can have a great time together always as we share the same blood.

-> I am faulty to all my teachers, guides and gurus who shared their knowledge with me and helped me be wise. I always forget to give them their proper credit and try my best to extend those learning’s to keep their knowledge alive in this world. Still I am not able to meet them as frequently as I should, or not able to talk to them also. Very bad!! Still, they are the ones who poured innocence in me and whispered to me to Hold onto it for a better life.

-> Now this one’s long.. I am faulty to a large group of friends of mine. I have very limited friends but they are so near and dear that they fill every place in my heart and my life by their mere presence. I have a group of Gujurati friends, College friends, Office friends, other childhood friends. I am faulty to each and everyone of them for not being able to talk much and share every bit of joke and laugh I can with them. I am not much a talkative guy so long calls are mostly avoided, but I am textually active always and I feel sorry to not to be able to talk to all of them always.

-> I am faulty to my colleagues for not being able to know them more closely. For having a formal relationship with them even though the knowledge sharing has always been good with all. Still I am faulty for being the shy guy, the way I am. Still we can always improve the way we see life.

-> I am faulty to all my relatives. Yes most of the times we are not near and phone is the medium with which we talk and stay connected and as I said I am not a big call lover so I try to avoid those and still I wish, I could have talked the last time and will definitely talk the next time. Hopefully, the next time comes soon 😉 Thank you though for showering your love always and you are deeply appreciated in my heart.

-> I am faulty to my girlfriend for all the promises I kept on giving but was unable to keep. For both the good and the bad times we shared. Wish we could had hanged out more time and gone for 1 more extra movie. I am also faulty to my gf’s parents and family for may be letting their hopes high on me and then destroying all their hopes all-together. Its Life. Shit happens!!

-> I am faulty to all the festivals. India and festivities are like synonyms and still I don’t feel enthusiastic for all the festivals celebrated in India and C’mon I can do better. I love dancing so some dance in all festivals will make me less faulty, more healthy and most happy 😀

-> I am faulty for all those insecure moments and bad memories I gave you(anyone and everyone) and wish they could be just erased from your mind forever.

-> I am faulty to spend so many hours and days in doing the things I love i.e reading novels, football, blogging and watching english TV series. I will never regret these Hobbies and will always hope to nourish it more 😉 Never faulty here heartly!! Wrote this because many of my friends and my mother thinks its all a waste 😀

I know with the passage of time, this list will always keep on getting long,which should not happen, but still I know it will and hopefully the list of all the good times and happy times will grow more steeply to compensate this list.

If the amount of happiness you share is greater than the amount of negativity, then I assure you my friend, you will always have a good night’s sleep.

Lastly, Time will tell whether I will be faulty or not for writing this blog.. 😀

– Darshith.