Mothers, prayers, and what not

I have seen my mother pray
Pray with full dedication
As if nothing else exists
As if nothing else matters
She prays for everyone
Maybe except for herself
Sometimes she cries
Something has to be bothering her
She doesn’t want to share it with us

Today, I was at a church in Kanyakumari
On my path to self-discovery
Reading The pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho there
And penning down some of my thoughts
I heard some sobs and crying
On looking, I saw a mother
Praying to Jesus
Asking for some fortunate events maybe
While her two kids were sleeping on the floor
Tears running down her cheeks
With a religious book in her hand
With thousands of thoughts in her mind
Of the imminent future
And the testing present

And then she calmed down
Bowed in front of Him
And kissed the kids
Woke them up and off they went

Maybe, my mother cries for the same reason while praying
For her kids, her family
Seldom for herself
And now what makes me cry
Is that my mother cries for others
And so does her son.


Date: 22/Dec/2019

Place: Kanyakumari

P.S.: Happy 2020, fellas! 😛 How are you all? Today’s song pick is Khud se by Osho Jain.

It’s that time of the year


It’s that time of the year again

Where things start to make sense

When realization hits hard

When guilt starts to fade away

And also the things start to make sense

It’s that time of the year again

When we look into the past 9 months

To figure the good, the bad, and the ugly

To rise above all the troubles

To hold the damned torch as high as possible

To say Thank you and Sorry to all

For the part, they played or are still playing

It’s that time of the year again

To access my life and try to bring positive changes

To start looking after my health

Both mental and physical

When all that matters is ME

and some more people 😉

It’s that time of the year again

To understand the lyrics of the songs

To understand the meaning of the words said

To connect the dots and realize stuff

To grow and let grow

To live and let live

To be happy and make others happy

To smile and let smile

Because smiles are here and smiles are there

Smiles are everywhere

No matter the time

The reason

The occasion

Smiles prevails

So let all smile

No matter the time of the year 😀

P.S.: I am back to B’lore from my Family trip to Gujarat. It was a great time with parents/sisters/relatives. I loved it all. Will share the pics in the next post 😉 I am proud of my younger sister because lately she’s been listening to English songs and she knows Careless Whisper of George Michael 😀 She’s growing awesome. I am also proud of my elder sister because of the wise words/thoughts she shared with me while our return trip to B’lore. She definitely has a way of letting the audience think like her and also because I couldn’t go anywhere else as I was on the flight so I HAD TO listen to her and she really made sense 😛








Happy days are here again!!(Navratri aa gayi)

If you’re a Gujju, then you are definitely on Cloud Nine now.

Why? Because the days of dancing are here i.e. The Navratri.

We all worship one God or the other. We have so many festivals of Janmastami and Ganesh Puja and Shivratri, in the names of all the known Gods. Similarly, Navratri is celebrated for Durga Maa and her different forms. She takes various forms in each nine days of Navratri to save her devotees from the evils.

Its celebrated every year and this year will not be any different.

I am a resident of Cuttack and we celebrate it at Gujurati school there. We play Garba and Dandia for 3 hours each day and hymn in the name of our Gods.

dandia sticks

We make a sculpture of Durga Maa with the Tiger and play Garba infront of her. The below is the pic of this year’s sculpture.

Durga Maa Sculpture.
Durga Maa Sculpture.

We all Gujjus get together for these 9 days and have a lot of Fun.
Durga-Asthami(8th day) is the biggest and most celebrated day.

So, guys put on your dancing shoes and the field is calling you.

Happy Navratri,