Quotes challenge – Day 2 (Own quotes)

This is a quote post for which I was nominated by Jennifer. She is a wonder woman who helps and inspires people. Do check her work 🙂 Check out the rules of the challenge at her site.

Today’s quotes – 

“Multiple appreciation do not add up but multiply.” – Darshith

“We are scared of the things we don’t understand.” – Darshith

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P.S. : Today’s song is  On my mind by Ellie Goudling 😉

Game of strategy

I was nominated for 3 days Quote challenge by Jennifer 😉 She’s a wonderful writer with such inspirational thoughts and ideas that will keep you thinking. Visit her post and have the best time of your life 😀

The rules says that I have to share 1 quote per day.

I will share SOME quotes related to 1 game. The game called CHESS. Google says it was invented in India 😀 It was named “Chaturanga” 😉

FYI, I lost the game of Chess, which I played last some weeks back with my cousin. He was the author of the post : The dark side of love 🙂

You can check all the quotes here .

I have included some of them. Remember, all are related to the game of Chess.


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P.S. : Happy tuesday 😉 If you’re a fan of Hindi music, which I am not, listen to Mora Saiyaan 🙂