Others before myself

Tiny me
Harvest field
Barren land
Farmer’s hunger
He hopes
Hopes are high
He plants me
Thinking I will yield
I want to yield
Unknown factors
No rain
Scorching sun
My relatives
Died within the ground
Didn’t had the strength
To force their way up
Be a sprouted bud
After months
In the early morning
The farmer smiled
Saw me from a distance
Seeing my proud smile
My smile lead to his
I can say Smiles are contagious
He took care of me
So that when I grow
I’ll take care of him
That’s life
We have to start
Giving first
So that we can take later
Reap and sow
My relatives died
Because they never
Thought about the farmer
They saw their problems
Of rising through the soil
As the biggest
But I have discovered
Or indeed realized
If we help others solve
Their problems
Then someone else will come
To my help too
When we think about others
We think about ourselves too
When we pray for others
We pray for ourselves too
When we live for others
We live for ourselves too
When we make others smile
We smile too


P.S.: Mondays 😦 Today’s pick is We can’t stop of Boyce Avenue

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At lightning speed..

“Love comes slow
And it goes so fast”
These are the lines of
Let it go by Passenger
And it is so true
Love came at the speed of
A tortoise
And left at rabbit’s pace
At lightning speed
May be it ran over me
And didn’t even care
To look and see whether
The victim is injured
Or dead
Or whatever
Just went away
Realizing that staying
Would put it in uneccessary trouble
And I am the victim
Don’t have much say in all this
So let me go
Get myself admitted
Enjoy TV and beautiful nurses
The pain of syringes in the bum
The faces of friends and relatives
Whom I haven’t met or talked to
In like eons 😀
All coming for sympathy
Due to accident
Some bothered about the rash driver
But no one could see the inside injuries
The flowers and Get-Well-Soon cards
Helped somewhat in recovering
But I am just not yet over love
The lightning speed with
Which it went and didn’t even say
Good-bye !