Those good old days

I miss those days
When I used to write daily
Well, almost daily
Last year I wrote 284 posts
And may be 32 must be reblogs
And 2 were guest posts
So 250 were written by me
Woah, that’s huge for me
And I miss those days
Because this year has been different
Because I have been writing limited
Due to office work and other stuff
But I miss publishing thoughts
Which I write regularly in my phone
But I am not getting time to edit them
And publish them
They are all in my drafts and
I hope I can publish them soon
I feel as if time is less
Or maybe because I am sleeping more
Like 7-8 hrs daily 😦
I hate sleeping that much
I love 5-6 hrs of sleep and
Use that 2 hrs for stuff
Which I love doing
So hopefully I can be the same old boy
Who sleeps a bit less
And then I can post more
And try to reach somewhere near to
200+ posts this year
And there are still almost 10 months remaining
And a long way to go
And this is how I rant
In a free-verse style
So you people won’t be bored(hopefully)
And would like/comment/share it 😀


P.S.: Happy weekend and keep smiling and I will be back soon (read sooner) 😉 Today’s pick of song is Remember the name of Fort Minor ❤